Blockchain Startup Viral Content Marketing Service For SaaS, DeFi, NFTs Launched

Crypto Zing has launched a content marketing service designed to deliver immediate brand omnipresence to businesses. As a specialist in the blockchain space, the company is initially targeting established brands and startups involved in crypto, DeFi, and NFTs.

More information is available at

According to Crypto Zing, the launch of its offering is timely, as cryptocurrency insiders are bullish on the asset’s prospects this year owing to the perceived end to the “crypto winter”—a prolonged bear market that started in 2022. The company said that as asset values begin to climb, so too will interest in new projects that need to be marketed to prospective investors.

“Despite many still reeling from last year’s losses, the market has been upbeat lately, with many new ventures being launched by those who still believe in crypto’s potential,” the company’s spokesperson said. “Our job is to make these growing businesses viral using a proprietary marketing system that accomplishes web omnipresence within a short period.”

Crypto Zing’s system leverages human-authored content and automation to generate a wide array of content types, including blogs, news articles, videos, podcast audio, and more. Afterward, the system distributes the content to more than 400 websites and publications.

Crypto Zing said that many of the platforms in its distribution network are trusted by Google, which means that Google News ranking is achievable. It also added that a number of these platforms have high domain authority, with some surpassing 90.

With backlinks included in each published piece, Crypto Zing further stated that each campaign may positively impact one’s backlinking efforts due to the massive spike in quality do-follow links.

Complementing its proprietary system is Crypto Zing’s vast experience in the crypto field, which, according to its spokesperson, enables it to offer advice about content strategy to startup founders and CMOs.

Crypto Zing was established by Kareem Parker, a growth specialist focused on the blockchain industry. His vast experience has allowed him to work with B2B clients as well as proponents of B2C projects like ICOs, games, NFTs, DeFi platforms, and metaverses, among others.

Interested parties may get in touch with Mr. Parker at

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