Everdome Metaverse Ultra-Realistic Virtual World Combined with the Real World Currently in Staking Stage 1 2022 Q1 and Beyond

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Metaverse picture of planet

What Is Everdome?

Everdome is a hyper-realistic metaverse that provides a destination for Metahero’s tech to live and interact. It takes MetaHero from the gateway and puts it into the metaverse with Everdome. This will provide a fully ubiquitous web3 experience using virtual reality. It’s essentially a real-to-life version of the metaverse bringing brands and people together to build the highest quality web3 experience possible.

What Can You Do in the Everdome?

You will be able to:

  • Purchase land
  • Buy, rent, or lease property
  • Advertise
  • Facilitate your marketplace

This will be a combination of gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, fashion, social media, medicine, and a financial structure for everyone who will be settling Mars. This gives everyone the opportunity to buy and sell what’s needed to establish this settlement together.

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What’s Happening in Q1 2022 with Everdome?

 Here is what is happening with Everdome right now. Currently, there is the Whitepaper V1, they are expanding the team, and rolling out the game experience pre-release which is “The journey has just begun” for Everdome Early Explorers. Then comes the official international Everdome communities.

You can then expect the announcement of the partners and investors along with the official launch of Everdome along with the official soundtrack pre-release, as well as the exclusive NFT pre-sale.

You will also see the following being systematically implemented.

  • Completing the presale and private sale
  • AMA with Robert Bryn
  • Publishing the smart contract audit
  • Developing the game studio/developer’s partnership
  • Staking Stage 1
  • Everdome expansion announcement
  • Tier 1 CEX listing(s)
  • First land sale/real estate market platform v1
  • Importing first 3D models from Metahero

Everdome Q2 2022

Here’s what you can expect from Everdome Q2 2022

  • Mission web portal v1
  • Everdome website v2
  • Release of the official soundtrack with NFT sale
  • More CEX listings
  • Metaverse Conference Exhibit
  • Team expansion
  • Everdome NFT collection sale v1
  • Space experience for Everdome Early Explorers
  • Everdome fashion NFT collection and exclusive pre-sale
  • WDW 3D marketplace and fully integrating Metahero
  • Second land sale/real estate marketplace platform v2
  • Virtual reality experience v1
  • Influencer partnerships along with high profile celebrities

Everdome Q3 2022

Here’s what you can expect from Everdome Q3 2022

  • World’s first metaverse stock and forex market v1
  • Everdome NFT collection sale v2
  • Strategic investors onboarding
  • Pre-release of non-player characters (NPC)
  • Play-to-earn v1
  • Team expansion
  • Mars exploration experience
  • Everdome fashion NFT collection sale
  • Mission web portal v2
  • Release 2 of concept arts
  • Virtual reality experience v2
  • Staking Stage 2

Everdome Q4 2022

Here’s what you can expect from Everdome Q4 2022

  • Staking Stage 2
  • Multi-language support
  • NPC release with exclusive AI upgrade
  • NFT markets integration v1
  • Interior design market v1
  • Additional CEX listings
  • Fashion marketplace v1
  • Integration with other metaverses v1
  • Litepaper v2
  • Team expansion
  • Vehicles and devices marketplace v1
  • Play-to-earn v2

The Everdome Mars settlement promises to be huge. Get in now so you can grow and participate in this new experience as it takes shape. The Everdome project already has an impressive team of 21 experts in place along with the founder Robert Gryn. You don’t want to miss this one!

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