Feb. 4, 2022SolanaPrime, the Solana-powered, fully decentralized IDO launchpad platform, has closed its seed round and is set to launch in March 2022. 

The impressive rise in popularity of NFTs, DeFi and gaming projects in the last two years have brought about the need for quality launchpads to help projects gain the funding and liquidity needed for a successful launch.

SolanaPrime Chooses Solana as Go-To Blockchain Network

SolanaPrime has chosen Solana as the go-to blockchain network to build on, considering it today’s most scalable blockchain to support a wide range of upcoming on-chain gaming and Metaverse projects, given its unparalleled transactions per second and low fees.

To bring its project to fruition, SolanaPrime has accepted an undisclosed sum on its seed round from well-known investors in the space. Investors and partners include Pluto Digital, Llama Ventures, Sheesha Finance, Next Chymia (from Kenji Sasaki), Influx Group, Nodeseeds, Faculty Capital, Contango Digital Assets, ZBS Capital, Stratosphere, Baselayer Capital, Arenum and a variety of angel investors. Nodeseeds founder and CEO Florian Hermet noted:

“Discussions around the significance of Solana-based GameFi, Metaverse and DeFi projects to the entertainment, tech and financial sectors are here to stay. We envision SolanaPrime having a long-lasting impact on this by becoming the go-to primary market gateway for Solana DApps to launch and are pleased to be part of their growth as partners and backers.”

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SolanaPrime to Launch it’s Own (PRIME) Token 

SolanaPrime TokenSolanaPrime will start by launching its own (PRIME) token on the decentralized launchpad. Acquiring the token enables users to gain access to initial DEX offerings on the launchpad, as well as accumulate rewards in the form of XPRIME tokens. 

Ramiro Gamen, co-founder and head of business development at SolanaPrime, shared: 

“We expect the DeFi and GameFi space to continue its upward trajectory, and SolanaPrime is here for it. Solana-powered projects building for DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse and other verticals that pass our strict due-diligence standards will have a secure gateway to funding through the SolanaPrime launchpad, and our community will have access to invest in a curated primary market of high-potential projects and utility tokens.”

More about SolanaPrime

Crypto coinSolanaPrime is a Solana-powered, fully decentralized IDO launchpad platform. It serves as the primary market gateway for the next generation of DeFi, GameFi and Metaverse DApps to launch on the Solana ecosystem, either as a direct token participation in the IDO or an indirect exposure to SolanaPrime in its entirety.