What Is DeepSpace Crypto P2E Metaverse | Q2 2022 Beta Release Completed Early

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DeepSpace Crypto Game

What Is DeepSpace Crypto?

DeepSpace (DPS) crypto is a space-themed multiverse metaverse exploration play-to-earn strategy game on Binance Smart Chain. Deepspace is developing an NFT marketplace and with the P2E game located in space, you can participate in exploration and intergalactic battles. You can also earn through sharing transaction tax rewards and creating, owning, upgrading, and fighting with your spacecraft.

In the DeepSpace metaverse, you can generate revenue by exploring the Genesis Realm and engaging in PvP action. The blockchain-based P2E game is planning an NFT marketplace which is currently under development.

DeepSpace Metaverse

With DeepSpace you can earn crypto by actively playing and participating in the DeepSpace economy. You can get a ship, mine resources, trade, fight, and own real estate to earn passive income.

Once the marketplace has been fully developed, you can buy and sell your in-game NFTs there as you gain value or gain advancements in the game you can grow your characters and your wallet. The integrated marketplace will allow you to interact with like-minded players who are looking for items they can trade with so they can advance as well.

DeepSpace Play-to-Earn

With DeepSpace play-to-earn, you can explore, mine, and harvest. Your resource mining will enable you to gather raw materials such as ore for your ship or property add-ons and modifications. These materials will allow you to customize your land and ships into something you would be proud to call your own.

DeepSpace Ship Types

  • Fighting
  • Tank
  • Mining
  • Support

DeepSpace Ship Cores

  • Magnetic
  • Fission
  • Plasma
  • Mechanical

Cores can also be used to create semi-fungible token (SFT) upgrades for other ships. You can do this by recycling your ships.

DeepSpace Ship Stats

Each ship has eight stats. These are determined by verifiable randomness as defined by their documentation and are weighted by a ship’s class. They are as follows:

  • Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Luck DeepSpace Ships
  • Health
  • Shields
  • Special Defense
  • Mining
  • Speed

PvE and PvP Fight

You can command your growing fleet of upgraded NFT ships equipped with the latest weapons and mods. You can also use your tactical decision-making skills to outsmart your opponents in strategic turn-based combat.

How Does DeepSpace Land Ownership Work?

The DeepSpace land is made up of subdivided planets and these are the in-game property. The original genesis sales of the property will be done through an auction on the marketplace from the team and will command varying prices based on their size and resource refresh rates.

The property will also be given away for marketing campaigns, rewards, and randomly to make sure there is a fair balance of property owners.

In-game property owners can earn fees from guests that are collecting resources on their planets depending on the ratio of their resource, as well as their refresh rates, size, and type.

According to the DeepSpace Pitch Deck, land assets will have different resources available to mine. That is so players can focus on the specific resources they need to progress in-game. The resources that players mine can be crafted into consumables and upgrades that can be used or sold on the marketplace.

You can review the DeepSpace Pitch Deck in its entirety and learn more about the Deepspace crypto game HERE.

The DeepSpace Team Beliefs

The DeepSpace team believes that all gamers should have full ownership over their in-game assets. That’s why they work so hard to encourage and empower every player to earn by actively playing the DeepSpace game. By simply participating in the DeepSpace metaverse game economy, you can create and add value for yourself and other players as well.

DeepSpace Tokenomics

Circulating Supply – 54,973,024

Burned Tokens – 10,661,016

Total Supply – 89,338,984

Market Cap – $10,372,670

DeepSpace Token Price – Varies (was $0.19061 at the time of this writing)

Volume – $421,670

Liquidity Ratio – 8.08%

Holders – 13,188

As you know some of these stats are subject to change as the game evolves.

DeepSpace Partners

  • Chainlink
  • CoinGecko
  • CoinMarketCap
  • LunarCrush
  • io
  • com
  • Bogged Finance
  • Pancake Swap
  • nomics
  • MoonScan
  • Certik

Where Can I Buy a DeepSpace Token?

DeepSpace TokensCryptocurrencies like DeepSpace can only be purchased using another cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges. If you want to know how to buy a DeepSpace token, you will first need to purchase Ethereum (ETH). You can then use ETH to buy your Deep Space token. But first, you will need what’s called a self-custody wallet.

Click Here for the instructions on how to do that using Coinbase Wallet for U.S. residents.

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DeepSpace Q2 2022 Beta Release and DeepSpace Roadmap

The DeepSpace Beta Release that was scheduled for Q2 of 2022 was completed early so that has already taken place. There are, however, some remaining items on the agenda for Q2 of 2022.

  • Full rough implementation of P2E features for testing
  • PvE combat testing and refinement
  • SFT development and integration
  • PvP combat development
  • Virtual land implementation, design, and logic
  • P2E systems on mainnet

What’s on the DeepSpace Roadmap for Q3 of 2022?

Here are the remaining items scheduled for completion of the DeepSpace metaverse in Q3 of 2022.

  • Game and marketplace continuation
  • Player-owned in-game land auctions
  • Wagered PvP features live
  • Continued SFT additions to the game
  • P2E features fully integrated and polished

Where Can I Find DeepSpace Crypto on Social Media?

Deepspace Social Media

DeepSpace Twitter

DeepSpace CoinMarketCap

DeepSpace Telegram

DeepSpace Facebook

DeepSpace Discord

DeepSpace Reddit

DeepSpace YouTube Channel

DeepSpace Instagram

DeepSpace CoinGecko

What Is the DeepSpace Token Contract Address?

The DeepSpace Token smart contract address is:


What Is the DeepSpace Token Price Prediction?

According to Wallet Investor, when asking the question “Should I buy DeepSpace?” Wallet Investor states that DeepSpace is an awesome long-term (1-year) investment. But please remember, this is not investment advice. Buying and selling crypto can be risky. So please perform your own due diligence before you buy this or any other cryptocurrency.

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Most (but not all) of this information was taken from the DeepSpace Token Website and other DeepSpace news, announcements, and social media pages.