Bloktopia Multichain Metaverse Virtual Crypto Skyscraper Built on Polygon | NFT Land Sale Launch April 1-30, 2022

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Bloktopia Virtual Crypto Skyscraper

Blocktopia is a decentralized metaverse that is built and backed by Polygon. This metaverse is designed to provide a never seen before virtual reality experience for the crypto community by bringing users together in an all-in-one engaging and immersive environment.

What Is Bloktopia Crypto?

Blocktopia is a 21-level virtual reality skyscraper. It will act as a central “all things crypto” hub made for all people of all levels of crypto experience. Beginners can learn and gather information in an immersive experience in one centralized place. And everyone else can earn revenue through real estate ownership, playing games, advertising revenue, and building networks.

This is an amazing platform and the concept and graphics are AMAZING!

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Blocktopia Metaverse

Bloktopia on Coinmarketcap


To extend build onto other networks beyond Polygon.

Earlier this week, Bloktopia announced a 2022 Product Roadmap which amongst many other ambitions, announced a new strategy, to adopt a MultiChain approach to crypto within its Metaverse.

Bloktopia is being built on the Polygon (MATIC) network, which is an interchain scalability solution that gives an infrastructure for creating blockchain networks that can interface with each other. Polygon brings adaptability and scalability of alt chains along with Ethereum’s security, liquidity, and interoperability. It is a solution that improves speed and reduces the cost and complexities of transactions on blockchain networks. Polygon has and continues to be a key strategic partner for Bloktopia.

Blockchain Technology and Its Limitations

Bloktopia’s mission is to focus on giving the world a platform that actively encourages the idea of mass adoption of cryptocurrency. The internet used to be a disjointed infrastructure that struggled to scale, and blockchain technology must learn that isolation isn’t as strong a position to be in as a connected ecosystem. The sector is at a stage of adoption where the amount of users has exceeded the functionality of the technology itself. This has resulted in regularly congested and often expensive networks.

A MultiChain approach brings with it the elimination of complex transactions and ensures a frictionless experience for end-users. A solution like that can only make Bloktopia attractive to new and inexperienced users as well as OGs and will be absolutely critical to transitioning blockchain to a high-growth industry.

Bloktopia News

Keep an eye on the Bloktopia social channels for more news and information.

The Bloktopia metaverse will be given the best opportunity it can to succeed. That means teaming with more networks, to remove any potential scaling issues with solutions such as bridges, parachains, and other features that create seamless transitions for Web 3.0 users.

About Bloktopia

Bloktopia is a VR skyscraper made up of 21 floors to commemorate 21 million Bitcoin. It will act as a central hub and welcome all levels of crypto experience. For the first time ever, users will have access to crypto information and immersive content all in one place.

Learn, Earn, Play and Create

Educate yourself in the basics of crypto or engage in more advanced learning from some of the world-leading minds in the industry, earn revenue through real estate ownership & advertising, play games with friends, build networks, and much more.

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Bloktopia Roadmap 


Bloktopia Crypto

Today, Bloktopia is thrilled to be able to share its new technical product roadmap which details a full set of plans for development in 2022.

The plans aim to give a transparent view of what is in store for Bloktopians over the course of this year, highlight include the release of the NFT Land Sale Portal, VR Alpha launch, Multiplayer, and Bloktopia Marketplace.

To help bring the product roadmap to life, an ‘Ask Me Anything’ with Bloktopia’s CTO Simon Benson will be held on the Bloktopia Server in Discord. Simon has worked on AAA games such as Call of Duty, World Rally Championship & Motorstorm and has over 25 years of commercial immersive development experience, pioneering stereoscopic 3D console gaming. More details will be shared on the date of the AMA nearer the time.

On the release of the roadmap, Simon commented: “We have been working very hard behind the scenes to establish a scope of work and subsequent set of milestones which allows us to move in line with the pace of the sector. We are really happy with where we have got to, but appreciate that there is a lot of detail to cover in the roadmap, and as such I will be hosting an AMA to help answer any questions that Bloktopians may have. We’re really looking forward to hearing the communities thoughts on our development schedule.”

The Bloktopia Product Roadmap 2022

Bloktopia Roadmap

Q2 (1st April- 30th June)

  • Multichain Token Launch (You will be able to enter and interact in Bloktopia on multiple chains)
  • HDRP to URP formatting (Rebuild of base code to allow for VR capability)
  • NFT Land Sale Launch
  • Bloktopia Wallet Launch
  • Multiple Avatar Selection
  • Private Key Store Ownership Access (Allowing store owners rights to update stores and grant access rights)
  • Modular store capability (Design and build the store interiors through a Content Management System with drag and drop NFTs)
  • Multiplayer (Transition from Singleplayer to Multiplayer allowing users to meet with friends and make new ones within Bloktopia)
  • NFT API (allowing the community to create NFTs for use and sale within Bloktopia)
  • Alpha VR Version Launch V1.0 compatible with Oculus Quest 2
  • User Voice chat (Chat with fellow Bloktopians)
  • Alpha V2.0 downloadable version

Q3 (1st July- 30th Sep)

  • Custom Avatar integration (allowing a user to customize and create their own Avatar)
  • Bloktopia Wallet integration (for use within Bloktopia Metaverse)
  • Chat in-store with Virtual Assistants
  • Bloktopia Marketplace Launch (allowing users to buy sell and trade NFTs for use in Bloktopia)
  • Added character interaction (different movements, jumping, sitting, etc).
  • Optimization and integration across multiple devices.
  • REBLOK & ADBLOK reward collection system(rental fees and advertising revenue to be paid to REBLOK and ADBLOK owners)
  • Play to Earn games launch
  • Beta 1.0

Q4 (1st Oct- 31st Dec)

Q4 will be about building the first ten levels out so that they are complete with tenants. And adding Social networking tools, allowing people to add friends, have private chats, and form DAOs. These remaining features will be integrated ahead of the full launch of Version 1 of Bloktopia, by the end of 2022.

The AMA with Bloktopia CTO Simon Benson will be held on the Bloktopia Server on Discord in April 2022. More details to follow soon.

About Bloktopia

Bloktopia is a VR skyscraper made up of 21 floors to commemorate 21 million Bitcoin. It will act as a central hub and welcome all levels of crypto experience. For the first time ever, users will have access to crypto information and immersive content all in one place.


Bloktopia is expected to be a huge player in the crypto industry…so much so that it was named one of the top 5 best crypto metaverse projects to watch in 2022.

You can read more about that below.

5 Best Metaverse Crypto Projects to Watch for 2022

The term ‘metaverse’ has become increasingly prevalent within the context of the cryptocurrency market, mainly since Facebook’s rebrand to ‘Meta’ in late 2021.

 5 best metaverse crypto projects to watch for 2022


Through the implementation of metaverses, crypto projects can revolutionize how people interact with one another. Not only that, these virtual worlds open up pathways for digital asset ownership and in-game monetization, which has the potential to transform many industries.

To help deepen your understanding of this flourishing area, this article will discuss the best metaverse crypto projects for 2022, highlighting their features and value potential for the months and years ahead.

The 5 Best Metaverse Crypto Projects for 2022

Presented below are five of the most exciting metaverse crypto projects with the greatest potential in 2022. We’ll explore each of these projects individually in the following section, touching on why they are deemed to have such high-value propositions.

  1. Silks – Best Metaverse Crypto Project for 2022
  2. Decentraland – 3D Metaverse World with Monetization Possibilities
  3. Enjin – User-Friendly Metaverse Platform for Creating NFTs
  4. The Sandbox – Exciting Metaverse Project with Incredible Customization
  5. Bloktopia – Skyscraper-Based Metaverse Project with VR Capability

A Closer Look at the Most Exciting Metaverse Projects

The projects listed above have incredible transformative potential – especially within the growing area of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. Let’s dig a little deeper into each of these projects, covering the intricacies that make them so exciting.

1. Silks – Best Metaverse Crypto Project for 2022

Silks is an upcoming metaverse project that looks to build on previous P2E games’ success – and take things one step further. Put simply, Silks is a blockchain-enabled P2E game that will offer a feature-packed metaverse based on the thoroughbred horse racing industry. 

Within this metaverse, players can purchase Silks avatars and own Silks horses, which are derivative digital representations of real-world thoroughbred horses and are structured as NFTs. This enables Silks to offer a self-sustaining marketplace in which players can trade Silks horses and benefit from value increases. 

The exciting thing to note about these Silks horses is that the link to real-world horses is achieved through the use of extensive datasets containing information on the thoroughbred horse’s bloodlines, development history, and racing results. 


Although these datasets will be centralized at first, they will become entirely decentralized over time as Silks expands and its user base grows. The data used to create this link between Silks horses and the real world is verified via a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which rewards miners in $SLK – Silks’ governance token.

The 1-to-1 link between Silks horses and their real-world counterpart forms the basis of the metaverse’s P2E elements. As noted in the Silks whitepaper, Silks horse owners will earn rewards when their real-world counterpart wins a race, while owners can also earn rewards through an innovative staking mechanism. These rewards will be denominated in $STT – Silks’ non-inflationary transactional token.

Silks players can also earn ‘breeding rewards’ when their Silks horse’s real-world counterpart is retired and becomes a broodmare or a stallion. Since a new crop of Silks horses will be minted each year to coincide with yearling (one-year-old thoroughbred horses) auctions, any offspring from the retired horse which is sold on the market will see the owner of the parent Silks horse receive rewards in the form of $STT. 

Finally, due to the vast swathes of real-world data employed by the Silks metaverse, this also provides scope for Silks players to monetize their expertise through ‘pinhooking’. This refers to the buying and selling of Silks horses before they have run their first race in the real world. Silks players with in-depth knowledge of the thoroughbred racing industry can profit from the volatility of an unraced horse’s value – providing another exciting avenue to generate income. 

2. Decentraland – 3D Metaverse World with Monetization Possibilities

Another new metaverse crypto project to be aware of is Decentraland. Decentraland is a 3D virtual world hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Although it was initially launched in 2020, Decentraland has sprung to prominence over the last year due to the rise in popularity of the metaverse. Within this virtual world, players can create avatars and purchase plots of land, which they can use to produce rich in-world content.

Since Decentraland’s in-game items are structured as NFTs, this enables a vibrant ecosystem to form where players can monetize their activities. The Decentraland Marketplace allows players to trade various items, all of which are denoted in $MANA – Decentraland’s native token. Finally, ownership of virtual land can also provide pathways for monetization, as players can use the land for advertising and other reward-producing activities. 

3. Enjin – User-Friendly Metaverse Platform for Creating NFTs

Enjin is a unique metaverse project, as unlike the others on this list, it does not comprise a virtual world filled with gameplay features. Instead, Enjin offers a platform where creators can make NFTs easily, which they can then use in blockchain-based metaverse games. The Enjin software development kit (SDK) ensures that Ethereum-based NFTs can be minted by creators of all experience levels, leading to over 1.1 billion digital assets being created using Enjin’s system.

One of the most appealing factors of using Enjin to create NFTs is that it ensures a degree of liquidity at all times. This means that creators who produce NFTs with Enjin, such as digital art, in-game items, or virtual real estate, can always ‘melt’ their NFT in return for $ENJ – Enjin’s native token. The melting value will differ from asset to asset, although it ensures that no Enjin NFT will ever be illiquid.

 4. The Sandbox – Exciting Metaverse Project with Incredible Customization

Much like Decentraland, The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based virtual world where players can explore, purchase virtual land, and interact with other gamers. In-game items, such as clothes and land, are structured as NFTs and can be traded on ‘The Sandbox Shop’ – the platform’s NFT marketplace. This marketplace is powered by $SAND, The Sandbox’s transactional token.

However, The Sandbox differentiates itself from similar games by offering unparalleled levels of customizability. One of the main ways The Sandbox does this is through the ‘VoxEdit’ service, a 3D voxel modeling and NFT creation software. Ultimately, this enables The Sandbox players to create pretty much anything they wish – with creations then able to be monetized by selling to other players via The Sandbox’s marketplace.   

5. Bloktopia – Skyscraper-Based Metaverse Project with VR Capability

Bloktopia is an innovative metaverse project scheduled to launch in 2022 that is built on the Polygon network. The Bloktopia metaverse revolves around a skyscraper made up of 21 levels as a homage to the total supply of 21 million Bitcoins. Bloktopia’s players, called ‘Bloktopians’, will be able to purchase real estate within this virtual skyscraper and generate income via value appreciation, leasing, or even digital advertising.

One of Bloktopia’s key differentiators is that the metaverse will be VR-based – meaning it’s likely that users will require a VR headset. This provides a lifelike experience that computer-based games can’t match and will create exciting pathways for content creation. Although the project’s specifics are scarce given that it is still in development, the Bloktopia team has announced that avatars and other in-game will be structured as NFTs and denominated in $BLOK – the Bloktopia’s transactional token.  

5 Best Metaverse Crypto Projects – Conclusion

To summarize, this article has discussed the best metaverse crypto projects in 2022, exploring their features and highlighting why they have such high potential. 

If you like Bloktopia, you might also like ERTHA where you can travel between metaverses and save humanity from extinction. 

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