CEEK VR New Land Sale News | Q2 2022 Roadmap Updated

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CEEK VR Land Sales Coming Soon

OK folks this is some exciting news! CEEK has given their official update for the CEEK Roadmap for Q2 of 2022 and that includes the CEEK land sales that were scheduled for April. And while the CEEK private land sale is going on now, you want to be ready for when it’s available to the public.

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The CEEK roadmap update for Q2 of 2022 is below. So keep reading to learn more.


CEEK Q2 of 2022 Roadmap and Land Sale UPDATE – Partnerships & Milestones

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Fellow Ceekers,

Thank you for your ongoing support and contributions over the last few months. Our job building a strong community and increasing the overall value of the CEEK Token. We have made tremendous progress in our mission to make mainstream use of crypto coins and immersive experiences possible around the globe.

We have completed the development of key milestones indicated in our Q2 roadmap which are now in the process of launch preparation. We believe Q3 will be exciting indeed as we launch with Top 10 exchanges, influencers, and major partners and create significant awareness to bring drastic value to the CEEK Token as we multiply network usage and global revenues. With that in mind, moving forward we will burn 20% of profit tokens each quarter for a period determined at CEEK’s sole discretion.

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We continue to build internal and external logic for faster transaction speed and decentralization through user-friendly dashboards for Ceekers and automated backend administrator management.

Q2 is only the beginning. As always, thanks for your continued support. Looking forward to Q3 and beyond.


CEEK Q2 of 2022 Roadmap Updates and Milestones

Development Milestones : 

We have completed development of the CEEK crypto marketplace, CEEKERS have the ability to buy CEEK VR Headsets and other products with CEEK Tokens. We are working with various partners to bring more exciting products to the CEEK Crypto marketplace. You may see a preview of the upcoming store here www.ceek.com/shop for updates.

CEEK Voting on the Blockchain Beta: We’ve completed a private Ethereum blockchain which is serving as a ledger for our voting application. Ceekers can now vote on the blockchain ledger via smart contract. We are working with various partners to offer voting through CEEK, whereby users will purchase CEEK Token bundles for viewing and voting. All direct interactions on the CEEK network will draw tokens from the multiple exchanges.

Industry Milestones: We are excited to announce that CEEK Tokens have been classified by the FMA (Liechtenstein’s financial regulatory body) as a Utility Token. As you well know similarly,  SEC classified both Ethereum and Bitcoin as Utility Tokens. We see these classifications as very positive milestones for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Partnership Updates

  • CEEK has secured an exclusive deal to create Branded VR Headsets for NBA teams including the Sacramento Kings. CEEK VR will also be creating 360 experiences for eSports teams including Sacramento’s King’s Guard and Orlando’s Magic Gaming. Productions are already on the way. Content will be available on the CEEK platform only.
  • The Sacramento Kings are one of the most technologically advanced teams in the league, they also own the Golden1 center which provides CEEK access to an ongoing flow of content. Plans are already on the way for capturing content during the California Classic featuring the 2017 & 2018 NBA Champions – Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings, various musical concerts, interviews, comedy shows, and more.
  • Hollywood Rooftop – Production for Hollywood Rooftop with the legendary producer Brett Leonard is on the way.  VR Content will be exclusively available on the CEEK Platform.
  • We’re deepening our relationship with Universal Music to create more exclusive content for the CEEK platform with direct messaging from celebrities promoting viewing of the content on the CEEK Platform.
  • We have partnered with Dani Carvajal to bring VR to the Real Madrid Foundation Summer Camp.
  • We have completed the development of a medical training module for Baptist Health in partnership with Facebook’s Oculus VR who funded the CEEK project.
  • CEEK has completed builds for Oculus RiftGear VR, Oculus Go, and Roblox, we are working with the respective platforms on launch planning. Our goal is to be truly device-agnostic in order to provide millions of Ceekers easy access to our products and services.

In Discussion

  • NASCAR – We are in discussion with NASCAR and the world’s largest Motorsports company to bring branded VR headsets and exclusive “money can’t buy” experiences to Ceekers.
  • Mega KPOP Artists – We are in discussion to bring the energy and excitement of KPOP to Ceekers.
  • NBC Universal – We are in discussions to bring a massively popular tournament to Ceekers. This could include the ability to vote as well as view exclusive content.

Exchanges: Our strategy with exchanges has been to partner with exchanges that offer direct support to create awareness. We have several promotions in progress and upcoming, which will strengthen our positioning when we launch on the Top 10 exchanges.

CoinSuper (Top 20)

We are only getting started! Stay tuned…

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The above article can be found on the CEEK VR website.

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