Bloktopia Multichain Metaverse Virtual Realty 21-Story Skyscraper Built on Polygon | NFT Land Sale Launch April 1-30, 2022

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Bloktopia Metaverse

What Is Bloktopia Crypto?

Bloktopia is a 21-level virtual reality skyscraper. It will act as a central “all things crypto” hub made for people at all levels of crypto experience. Beginners can learn and gather information in an immersive experience in one centralized place. And it’s a place where everyone can earn revenue through real estate ownership, playing games, advertising revenue, and building networks.

The Bloktopia 21-floor skyscraper commemorates the 21 million Bitcoin. Its purpose is to act as a central hub where all levels of crypto experiences are welcomed. This is the first time that users will have access to learning crypto in this way—which is this metaverse’s immersive content in one central place.

This is an exceptional platform and the concept, and the graphics are AMAZING!

What Is the Bloktopia Metaverse?

Bloktopia is a metaverse that is designed to unite the best of virtual reality together with blockchain technology which is basically fungible tokens and NFT. This is a metaverse that provides a unique experience to its users. Bloktopia is a 21-story virtual reality skyscraper where people can go to learn, meet with other people, do business, and more.

When Was Bloktopia Released?

The exclusive Bloktopia alpha version was released in February 2022. This release allowed players to browse Bloktopia in a third- and first-person view. These Bloktopians as they are called, can now earn $BLOK from P2E games, view NFT displays, and enter virtual stores so they can learn more about what the tenants of Bloktopia will be bringing into this metaverse.

What Network Is Bloktopia On?

Bloktopia is powered by the Polygon Network. Polygon is a leading blockchain consortium. Bloktopia, like all other metaverse platforms, are basically dApps that are built on Ethereum through Polygon.

How Can I Buy BLOK (Bloktopia)?

The easiest way to buy BLOK is to go over to CoinMarketCap then click or tap on the “Market” button that is near the price chart. This will show you a list of places where you can buy Bloktopia along with the currencies you can use to get it. You will see under “Pairs” the shorthand for Bloktopia which is BLOK along with a second currency.

Is Bloktopia on Coinbase?

No, Bloktopia is not supported by Coinbase.

Is Bloktopia a Good Investment?

No one knows for sure, and this is not investment advice as you should always perform your own due diligence. However, here is our view of whether Bloktopia is a good investment.

Bloktopia real estate can be purchased through NFTs. It has a huge 60% annual yield when the BLOK utility token is staked. Additionally, the games are really exciting as you advance through the 21 levels. Level One, Spawning, and Auditorium are the foundation. So a BLOK investment is definitely worth considering.

Is Bloktopia in Polygon?

Yes, Bloktopia is a skyscraper metaverse that is built and backed by Polygon.

Will Bloktopia Burn Tokens?

According to Medium, $1,000,000 USD worth of $BLOK has been purchased from the circulating supply and burnt following the Binance NFT ADBLOK sale. So, a buyback of $BLOK occurred on KuCoin after its first-ever ADBLOK NFT sale on Binance NFT. This purchase amassed 31,903,649 BLOK tokens. You can read more at the Medium article linked above to learn more.

Is Bloktopia an ERC20?

Bloktopia is an ERC20 token in Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.

What Is the Bloktopia ERC20 Smart Contract Address?

The Bloktopia ERC20 smart contract address is: 0x9fef7c407f2b9ad6fcc4b1f373060352a88ff932

What Are the Current Exchanges Where I Can Buy Bloktopia?

The top crypto exchanges where you can currently buy BLOK are as follows:

  • OKX
  • Bitget
  • KuCoin
  • Biture

How Do I Get BLOK on

1. Create an account on an exchange that supports Bloktopia (BLOK).

2. Deposit funds into your account.

3. Buy Bloktopia (BLOK)

Click Here to get more information about getting BLOK on gate io.

Can I Buy Bloktopia on Binance?

Not all cryptocurrencies can be traded on Binance. That means you have to transfer your coins to an exchange where Bloktopia (BLOK) can be traded. Click Here for the step-by-step directions for buying BLOK.

How Do You Use Bloktopia?

Here Is a Bloktopia Video Trailer and a Bloktopia Level One Walkaround Video

Bloktopia Video Trailer:

Bloktopia Level One Walk Around Video:

Bloktopia Social Media

Bloktopia Website

Twitter Bloktopia

Medium Bloktopia

Instagram Bloktopia

YouTube Bloktopia

Bloktopia CoinMarketCap

Who Are the Bloktopia Creators?

Ross Tavakoli, who is currently the CEO, and Paddy Carrol, who is the current CMO, are the two people with the vision to make the virtual reality Bloktopia metaverse a reality.

Bloktopia Partners

Here are the current Bloktopia partners.

  • Venly
  • Anzu
  • Babylons
  • Polygon
  • Zokyo.

Bloktopia Investors

  • Animoca Brands
  • MF Magicfew
  • X21
  • Bitboy Crypto
  • Genblock Capital
  • Polygon
  • AU21 Capital
  • Magnus Capital
  • Anti Fund
  • ZBS Capital
  • Crypto Wendy O
  • Avalanche
  • TKX Capital
  • Shima Capital

Bloktopia Roadmap 2022

Here is the Bloktopia Roadmap for 2022:

Q2 Bloktopia Roadmap 2022 (April 1st through June 30th):

  • Multichain token launch (you will be able to enter and interact in Bloktopia on multiple chains)
  • HDRP to URP formatting (rebuild of base code to allow for VR capability)
  • Bloktopia NFT land sale launch
  • Bloktopia wallet launch
  • Multiple avatar selection
  • Private key store ownership access (allowing store owners rights to update stores and grant access rights)
  • Modular store capability (design and build the store interiors through a content management system with drag and drop NFTs)
  • Multiplayer (transition from single-player to multi-player allowing users to meet with friends and make new ones within Bloktopia)
  • NFT API (allowing the community to create NFTs for use and sale within Bloktopia)
  • Alpha VR version launch V1.0 compatible with Oculus Quest 2
  • User voice chat (chat with fellow Bloktopians)
  • Alpha V2.0 downloadable version

Q3 Bloktopia Roadmap 2022 (July 1st through September 30th):

  • Custom avatar integration (allowing a user to customize and create their own avatar)
  • Bloktopia wallet integration (for use within Bloktopia metaverse)
  • Chat in-store with virtual assistants
  • Bloktopia Marketplace launch (allowing users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs for use in Bloktopia)
  • Added character interaction (different movements, jumping, sitting, etc.)
  • Optimization and integration across multiple devices
  • REBLOK & ADBLOK reward collection system (rental fees and advertising revenue to be paid to REBLOK and ADBLOK owners)
  • Play to earn games launch
  • Beta 1.0

Q4 Bloktopia Roadmap 2022 (October 1st through December 31st):

Q4 will be about building the first ten levels out so they are complete with tenants. It will also be for adding social networking tools, allowing people to add friends, have private chats, and form DAOs. These remaining features will be integrated ahead of the full launch of Version 1 of Bloktopia by the end of 2022.

How Many Bloktopia (BLOK) Coins Are There in Circulation?

BLOK is the native utility token Bloktopians can unlock exclusive privileges with. It can be used to buy property and advertising space or vote in the metaverse’s governance. Bloktopians can use BLOK to purchase avatars and create a personalized version of the metaverse on the marketplace. Moreover, staking and rewards programs allow the community to earn income in BLOK.

The total supply of BLOK is 200 billion, according to the following distribution:

  • Early adopters (3.29%):  5% at listing, 10% distribution 2, 3, 4 & 5, 15% distribution 6, 7 & 25% distribution 8
  • Seed round (4%):  5% at listing, 10% distribution 2, 3, 4 & 5, 15% distribution 6, 7 & 25% distribution 8
  • Private round 1 (4.15%):  5% at listing, 10% distribution 2, 3, 4 & 5, 15% distribution 6, 7 & 25% distribution 8
  • Private round 2 (6.16%):  10% distribution 2, 3, 4 & 5, 15% distribution 6, 7 & 25% distribution 8
  • Public sale (1.4%):  10% at listing, 20% distribution 2, 3 & 4 & 30% distribution 5
  • Advisors (7%):  Unlocked in month 12, linearly released in 12 months
  • Team (15%):  Unlocked in month 12, linearly released in 12 months
  • Treasury (33%):  Unlocked as needed
  • Staking (25%):  Rewards given from launch
  • Exchange liquidity (1%):  unlocked on TGE.

The initial supply at listing was 2.04 billion BLOK.

How Is the Bloktopia Network Secured?

BLOK is an ERC-20 on Polygon, a layer-two scaling solution of Ethereum. Polygon allows for the creation of different scaling solutions, such as optimistic rollup chains, ZK rollup chains, or side chains. It uses a customized version of the Plasma framework built on proof-of-stake checkpoints that run through the Ethereum mainnet. The platform also partnered with Venly, a leading platform for blockchain game development, allowing it to bridge the gap between crypto and gaming.

Interesting Facts about Bloktopia

Bloktopia Named One of the Five Best Metaverse Crypto Projects for 2022

The KuCoin Meta Office in Bloktopia Opened Its Doors

Bloktopia Named the Number Two Metaverse Token for 2022

Here is an excerpt from the above article:

#2 Metaverse Token Bloktopia (BLOK)


Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper that consists of 21 different levels designed to honor the total supply of Bitcoins, i.e., 21 million. Bloktopia token holders are known as Bloktopians that will have dedicated access to the various facilities present on the platform.

Like every other metaverse platform, BLOK also had an initial idea of reshaping the future and reshifting the world’s focus from the real world to a virtual world that can mimic many, if not all, activities carried out in the real world and more.

Since its founding in 2021 by two founders, Paddy Carroll and Ross Tavakoli, BLOK has been on a mission to expedite public awareness regarding the metaverse.

As the platform attracts more public attraction and investment plans from renowned brands, its ultimate goal is to be the go-to metaverse platform. To find out more about its success, let’s have a brief look at its market capitalization since its IDO.

Market Capitalization

Bloktopia has been a huge success since the launch of its Initial Dex Offering (IDO). The metaverse token had a welcoming response in the initial round as the token managed to launch with a market cap of $471 million in November 2021.

Bloktopia’s platform is built on the Polygon Network using the Unity3D Game Engine. Unity is primarily used by game development companies. The 3D development engine is undoubtedly the most advanced and thorough video game engine that provides premium-quality graphics.

The token continued to attract an audience, with its market cap growing to an all-time high of $1.18 billion, as investors are banking on the metaverse growth prospects.

The current overall bearish trend has resulted in a current market cap of $263 million. With prices being at their all-time low, getting into the project at this point may be considered to be a value proposition.


Recently, Bloktopia has managed to secure partnerships with a few companies. Some of which are as follows:

  • Avalanche
  • DuckDAO
  • KuCoin Labs
  • Polygon Network
  • Shima Capital
  • TKX Capital
  • CoinMarketCap

Metahero x Bloktopia was the most anticipated partnership that attracted a lot of hype from the crypto community. Considering the detailed virtual world of Bloktopia and the need for realistic structural and architectural designs, the technology of 3D avatar generation provided by Metahero is a gamechanger for Bloktopia’s platform.

Token Utility

Since the Bloktopia platform has a structural design that mimics a skyscraper with 21 unique levels, the Bloktopians have the liberty to interact with the various facilities available on the platform.

With more and more brands coming on the platform, Bloktopians will be able to interact with them and purchase different virtual in-game assets that will be usable within the Bloktopia platform using $BLOK. Moreover, the Bloktopia tokens can be used by the HODLers to sell and purchase real estate which is known as Reblok.

Reblok NFT holders are a part of the Governance council. This will allow them to participate in several voting events to decide essential matters related to the platform.

Want to Learn More In-Depth Details about How Bloktopia Works?

Below is a great article that explains everything you need to know about Bloktopia and how it all works.

How To Buy Bloktopia (BLOK)?

A common question you often see on social media from crypto beginners is “Where can I buy Bloktopia?” Well, you’ll be happy to hear it is actually quite a simple and straightforward process. 


First, you will need to open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Bloktopia (BLOK).

We recommend the following based on functionalityreputationsecuritysupport, and fees:



Fees (Maker/Taker)                    0.2%*-0.2%*

Available for Trade                            1000+

Sign-up bonus
 Up to $100 in USDT vouchers*

Available in
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa




Fees (Maker/Taker)                    0.1%*-3%*

Available for Trade                            250+

Sign-up bonus
 Up to $500 in USDT vouchers*

Available in
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa

In order to sign up, you will need to enter some basic information, such as your email address, password, full name, and, in some cases, you might also be asked for a phone number or address.

Note: On specific exchanges, you might need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure in order to be able to purchase cryptocurrency. This is most commonly the case with licensed and regulated exchanges.


Many cryptocurrency exchanges will allow you to purchase Bloktopia (BLOK) with fiat currencies, such as EUR, USD, AUD, and others. Furthermore, they will also provide you with multiple deposit methods through which you can fund your fiat account, such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, or direct bank transfers.

Note: Some payment methods will have higher fees than others, such as credit card payments. Before funding your fiat account on your chosen exchange, make sure you perform a little due diligence to find out the fees involved with each payment method to avoid unnecessary costs.


This process is similar across almost every cryptocurrency exchange. All you have to do is find a navigation bar or a search bar, and search for Bloktopia (BLOK) or Bloktopia (BLOK) trading pairs. Look for the section that will allow you to buy Bloktopia (BLOK) and enter the amount of the cryptocurrency that you want to spend for Bloktopia (BLOK) or the amount of fiat currency that you want to spend towards buying Bloktopia (BLOK). The exchange will then calculate the equivalent amount of Bloktopia (BLOK) based on the current market rate.

Note: Make sure to always double-check your transaction details, such as the amount of Bloktopia (BLOK) you will be buying as well as the total cost of the purchase before you end up confirming the transaction. Furthermore, many cryptocurrency exchanges will offer you their own proprietary software wallet where you will be storing your cryptocurrencies; however, you can create your own individual software wallet, or purchase a hardware wallet for the highest level of protection.



Because the project is very new, it is only offered directly on a select number of exchanges. If you’re not comfortable connecting your bank account to any of these smaller exchanges, or if you cannot connect your bank account to them for geographical reasons. Then you can instead create an account on any of the major exchanges and simply transfer the funds from there.

Out of the major exchanges we recommend the following based on functionalityreputationsecuritysupport, and fees:

  1.  Binance


Fees (Maker/Taker)            0.075%*-0.1%*

Available for Trade                             500+

Sign-up bonus
 10% reduced trading fees*

Available in
Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa

2.  Coinbase


Fees (Maker/Taker)             1.49%*-3.99%*

Available for Trade                              150+

Sign-up bonus
 $10 sign-up bonus*

Available in
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa

3.  FTX US


Fees (Maker/Taker)            0.10%*-0.40%*

Available for Trade                             45+

Sign-up bonus
 5% reduced trading fees*

Available in
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa


For more in-depth instructions, our ‘Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Cryptocurrency Investing‘ will take you through the process step-by-step. In addition to providing instructions for sending and receiving your cryptocurrency.

And if you’re completely new to crypto our beginner, intermediate, and advanced level articles will get you up to speed with everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency space starting out. 


 What Is Bloktopia (BLOK)?

Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper in the Metaverse comprised of 21 levels, designed to pay homage to the 21 million total maximum supply of Bitcoin (BTC). Owners of its BLOK tokens will be known as Bloktopians. Users will be able to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs), purchase digital ad venues, own real estate, and more in the Bloktopia virtual reality. Meanwhile, Bloktopians can also earn revenue by selling or leasing virtual property in the skyscraper to interested buyers.

Bloktopia is developed on the Polygon (MATIC) Network and developed by the founders of Sony Playstation VR using the cross-platform game engine Unity. In addition to this, Elrond (EGLD), a blockchain sharding protocol, is set to become the anchor tenant in Bloktopia, with its virtual headquarters to be featured on level one, where all players spawn.

Users will have access to crypto knowledge as well as engaging multimedia in one location. Bloktopians will be able to earn money through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, gaming, network building, and much more. Powered by the world’s most advanced real-time video game engine, 3D Creation Engine, Bloktopia will leverage this technology to create stunning graphics and user experiences.

Bloktopia provides players with the opportunity to do more than just play. Bloktopians will enter the virtual world and enjoy all the premium features, such as learning, earning, playing, and creating, rather of utilizing standard devices such as mobile phones or laptops.

  • #LEARN: For many individuals, cryptocurrency is a difficult industry that necessitates extensive understanding in many fields. Bloktopia links with numerous platforms like YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter allowing Bloktopians to come and learn more about cryptocurrencies.
  • #EARN: Coming to the realm of endless earning opportunities, all Bloktopians can purchase real estate (Reblok) and increase their earnings through passive monetization, staking, and advertising (Adblok). Bloktopians may trade and rent virtual real estate, allowing them to speculate on it and flip it for a profit or rent it out for passive revenue. Furthermore, Bloktopia token holders can earn a piece of advertising fees when certain partners put adverts on Bloktopia.
  • #PLAY: Play is an essential component of the user experience. Users can interact with people in this virtual environment by playing games, entertaining friends, and connecting with others. They can also be landowners and trade or rent out their property.
  • #CREATE: Bloktopia will provide you with building tools to design your own landscape, artwork, or to compete in events for prizes. The software development kit gives more experienced creators the tools they need to populate the world with games and social apps.


Upon signing into Bloktopia with the Bloktopia Wallet/Passport the user will be required to create their own personalized avatar from many customizable combinations and name their avatar. Once a user creates their Avatar and claims their unique name this will be applied to your Bloktopia passport. Avatars can be further enhanced whilst in Bloktopia by purchasing items from within the marketplace allowing for unique exclusivity.

Once the avatar has been created, it will spawn outside the Bloktopia skyscraper. All users will enter via the concourse into Bloktopia with their newly spawned avatar. All Bloktopians will enter on level one, it will therefore have the largest footfall of the skyscraper. This level will be key to all users as it will contain cryptocurrency pricing information, a helpdesk, an agenda, and a navigation area. Users can gain an overview of the events taking place during the day and register to participate. This level will be home to prime retail space; these are premium locations with a major presence from the likes of, Binance, Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, and major Crypto influencers.


Bloktopians are the BLOK token holders and members of the Bloktopia metaverse. For the first time, users will have access to crypto information and captivating content all in one place.

Bloktopians will be able to learn, play and earn revenue through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, and much more. Powered by the 3D Creation Engine, the world’s most advanced real-time video game engine, Bloktopia will leverage the technology to create stunning visualizations and user experiences.

The Bloktopia metaverse will be made of real estate bloks that can be purchased and governed by the BLOK token holders.


A Bloktopia Marketplace will be launched in conjunction with the BLOK token distribution where BLOK token holders will be able to purchase BLOK real estate via the NFT mechanism. Purchasing real estate within Bloktopia is known as REBLOK. Reblok will be owned in one of two ways, either by sole ownership or joint ownership.

  • Sole ownership where a BLOK real estate is represented and owned via a single NFT.
  • Joint ownership where a BLOK real estate is represented by multiple NFTs. It should be noted an investor can purchase multiple NFTs.


Sole ownership will give the user full rights to develop their REBLOK as they choose, utilizing the Bloktopia SDK to create content to furnish their REBLOK. Alternatively, content can be purchased from the Bloktopia marketplace. Bloktopians can sell their REBLOK in either a developed or undeveloped state at any time using the Bloktopia marketplace. Similarly, REBLOK can be leased to an interested party for an event or on a long-term basis.

The use of REBLOK on a joint ownership basis will be decided through a Governance mechanism, where the user’s percentage NFT holding of the REBLOK acts as their voting right. Votes will be cast on the proposal with a majority vote deciding the outcome. If a sale is agreed the user will receive their percentage of the sale in relation to their NFT holding of the REBLOK. Similarly, if a lease is agreed the user will receive a percentage of the rental income for the term agreed.


Within Bloktopia, advertisements will play a key role in revenue generation. We are offering investors an opportunity to benefit from that ad revenue and are calling it ADBLOK. ADBLOK offers a captive audience that guarantees dwell time and play-through rate, which is an exciting prospect for advertisers.

There are 21 large totems and 84 small totems, which are available in Bloktopia and 50% of that space will be available to purchase through NFT. This is ADBLOK—50% of all revenue generated through ADBLOK will be distributed to the NFT holders. ADBLOK can be purchased by using BLOK tokens. The price depends on the position of the totem in Bloktopia.

Every visitor to Bloktopia must visit floor 1, guaranteeing the highest footfall, and therefore the largest cost. Generally, the more premium sites will be on the lower ground floors, decreasing in value as we go further up the tower. The exceptions are floors 6 and 21, which will hold the auditorium and gaming zones.

ADBLOK revenue will be distributed to the ADBLOK NFT holders on a weighted basis dependent on the position within Bloktopia.


Becoming an Anchor Tenant in Bloktopia, Elrond’s virtual HQ will be placed on Level 1, which is considered a privileged location since it’s where all players spawn by default. Elrond will have maximum exposure for a customized lounge and content such as crypto ecosystem features or educational material made available in the virtual location.

“We are further exploring deeper technical integrations with Bloktopia, such as bridging a portion of the BLOK supply as an ESDT token to give Elrond users easier access into the VR metaverse and enabling Bloktopia NFTs to be purchasable in NFT marketplaces on the Elrond blockchain,” announced Daniel Serb, BD at Elrond, in a recent blog post.

Bloktopia’s Official Website


There are plenty of different crypto wallets available. The best one for you depends on your general trading habits and which provides the most security in your situation. There are two main types of wallets: hot storage wallets (digital) and cold storage or hardware wallets (physical). Both have their pros and cons, and there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer when it comes to figuring out which crypto wallet is best for you.


Deciding which type of wallet to use depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • How often you trade. In general, hot wallets are better for more active cryptocurrency traders. Quick login ability means you are only a few clicks and taps away from buying and selling crypto. Cold wallets are better suited for those looking to make less frequent trades. 
  • What you want to trade. As mentioned earlier, not all wallets support all types of cryptocurrencies. However, some of the best crypto wallets have the power to trade hundreds of different currencies, providing more of a one-size-fits-all experience.
  • Your peace of mind. For those worried about hacking, having a physical cold wallet stored in a safe deposit box at the bank or somewhere at home, provides the safest, most secure option. Others might be confident in their ability to keep their hot wallets secure.
  • How much it costs. It is important to investigate the costs associated with each wallet. Many hot wallets will be free to set up. Meanwhile, cold wallets, like any piece of hardware, will cost money to purchase.
  • What it can do. While the basics of each cryptocurrency wallet are the same, additional features can help set them apart. This is especially true of hot wallets, many of which come with advanced reporting features, insights into the crypto market, the ability to convert cryptocurrencies, and more. Security features can also be a good differentiator.

Part of this article was taken from this website.

The Bloktopia roadmap was taken from this website.

Part of this article was taken from this website.

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