’s New GameFi Earn Feature for Passive Income | Stake Crypto Servings to Earn Interest

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GameFi Earn is’s new feature. It’s an easy and secure way to help the community generate passive income. The GameFi Earn feature gives all users the option to stake their crypto servings so they can earn interest on it.

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Web 3.0 Gaming Now More Secure with SecuriChain

The world of web 3.0 gaming is in for a treat as the giant has collaborated with SecuriChain to enhance the security of their products. In the past for some time, there have been a series of attacks on blockchain technology which have been highly damaging.

Even though blockchain technology is already less prone to hacking, it is time to take the security to next level and that is where this new collaboration will work together. As per the official announcement, GameFi and SecuriChain from Icetea Labs will work together to enhance the security of GameFi ecosystem.

GameFi Plans to Expand its Ecosystem

But that is not it! With its new collaboration with SecuriChain, GameFi also plans to expand its ecosystem of products and services available to the community and game projects, including a launchpad, aggregator, marketplace, earn and save, game portal, game pass, game guild, and tournament. It is the biggest objective of both parties to provide the gamers, developers, and investors with an open and secure environment. And for that starting from April 2022, all IGO projects on will have their smart contracts audited by SecuriChain (*) and experience other applicable security services.

*Terms and Conditions Applied

GameFi Community of Over 800,000 Members

GameFi is one of the most popular gaming ecosystems with a community of over 800,000 members. Ever since it came into the existence, has positioned itself as a comprehensive ecosystem for blockchain gaming. It garnered such a warm response from everyone that within six months of its launch, successfully conducted initial token sales for forty-four projects exceeding $5.27 million USD. Simultaneously it has also established a central game database that is continuously updated and is expanding its network of partner studios in its ecosystem. Over time, GameFi has successfully discovered effective ways in developing a platform that builds relationships with game players, token holders, and traders all in one place.

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GameFi’s Partnership with SecuriChain Helps Reduce Vulnerabilities

Meanwhile, SecuriChain is a wonderful team of Security Researchers, Pentesters, Incident Responders, and Auditors. In the past, the team has worked to find multiple vulnerabilities for big vendors such as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Paypal, McAfee, Sony, and Checkpoint.

Now we look forward to witnessing the magic they do along with GameFi!

GameFi and SecuriChain Setting a New Standard in Cybersecurity for Blockchain Projects

Talking about this new association with GameFi, Mr. Duc Nguyen, CEO and Founder of SecuriChain said, “Via our partnership with, we aim at setting a standard in cybersecurity for blockchain projects. Thanks to this collaboration, blockchain projects will have the opportunity to assess their cybersecurity status and lower the risk of cyberattacks in the future.”

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