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Crazy Explorer is a treasure hunting blockchain game. This play-to-earn game allows you to earn money as you play. You can play with your friends, form a team, explore mysterious maps, and receive rewards. There are currently five different qualities of heroes. The higher the quality of hero, the larger the rewards. All the Crazy Explorer heroes are limited editions with a high commercial value for collection. The Crazy Explorer Hero pre-sale is going on now so you will need to be fast because as we mentioned, there are limited quantities available.

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Game-Fi stands as one of the most widely accepted and innovative use cases for crypto. It combines decentralized finance, the exciting gaming industry, and NFT. As of 2021, the global video game industry was valued at about $178 billion and expert predictions believe that by 2025, it would be valued at $268 billion, if not more. Gamefi leverages on this wide audience, with NFTs, as a means of giving players a sense of ownership and a chance to play and earn using crypto. One big success in this field has been the game called Axie Infinity, created by Sky Mavis. In 2021, their players numbered over 8.3 million, making them major players in the gamefi industry. However, more startups are coming up in the gamefi industry, one of which is Crazy Explorer. Still, the real question is this, does Crazy Explorer have what it takes to become the biggest gamefi of 2022?


In Crazy Explorer, gamers are transported back to the times of exploration, with a landscape to remind them of the periods of gold rush; mining cities, and the myriad of opportunities and treasures just waiting to be discovered, with a bit of fantasy. It incorporates the use of NFT and DeFi and gaming formats like combat, recruitment, actual exploration, and collaborative gaming in the form of guilds.


Interestingly, despite the existence of games on exploration, which Crazy Explorer seems to regurgitate, it explores some differences that might be of interest in the game-fi industry like its collaborative ecosystem and the distribution and consumption. It incorporates the use of DeFi shares to offer to its loyal players and serves as an incentive to be consistent in the long run. The ecology’s token is also widely used within the system for upgrades, obtaining high force for star rating, in-game purchases and even bringing in returns while idle. Most P2E games have more than one token, which could be complicated at times. In the case of Crazy Explorer, the focus is entirely on the token CEZ.


The gameplay features NFT assets on an individual and guild playing level and all the assets within the ecosystem have cultivation elements. The explorers are divided into 4, namely: Explorers, Hero Explorers, Super Explorers, and Guild Explorers. These feature different kinds, different degrees of rarity, and unique features that make the possibilities in cultivation very much endless.


The competition model within the gameplay is fierce. It also caters differently to both individual and collaborative gameplay. Players can compete for ranks in-game cases like the battle power list, CEZ list, the competitive list, and quest for who would be World Boss to mention but a few. The guilds within the gaming ecosystem also have guild ranking opportunities in the form of Number Lists, contribution lists, the quality of guild arena, and mining field area, among others. Each rank comes with different opportunities for rewards in CEZ, asset developments, upgrades, and treasure boxes that might contain rare and valuable in-game assets.


Crazy Explorer takes explorations in P2E gaming to crazy heights that gamers from all over the world can appreciate. It has started with some excitement and gameplay features that ensure collaboration and consistent gaming. Would it be the successor of Axie Infinity in 2022? Only time will tell.

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