Dracoo Master Popular Blockchain Card Game Announces 2022 World Champion Series Tournament

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Dracoo Master Champion Series 2022

The popular DracooMaster GameFi card games stands out from the sea of other blockchain card games. The official website shows that the tournament has two channels, one for individuals and one for teams. Some of the world’s most prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and more have already signed up for this tournament.

DracooMaster has a fantastic world setting along with an exciting storyline. It also has intense battle scenes, exquisite cards, and amazing skill effects and had already won over everyone who tested it even before it became public.

Dracoo Master Blockchain-Based Card Game One of the Most Favored Blockchain Games on the Market

As a blockchain-based trading card game, Dracoo Master is under the spotlight. The rich gameplay experience it brings to players has made it absolutely one of the most favored blockchain games on the market. Now to cater to players at more competitive levels, Dracoo Master is announcing its first-time-ever world tournament, officially named Dracoo Champion Series 2022. According to reports, multiple prestigious universities across Europe, America, Oceania and Southeast Asia have professed their interest in competing in this tournament.

Two Tournament Channels Setup – One for Individuals and One for Teams

The Champion Series page on Dracoo Master’s official website shows that the tournament has set up two channels for sign-up, one for individuals and one for teams. Sign-up will last until October. For now, sign-up for teams has already started. It has been confirmed that e-sports organizations from some of world’s most renowned universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, have signed up for the tournament.

Dracoo Master Different from Other Card Games

As a GameFi project of a new era, Dracoo Master has quickly managed to stand out among the ocean of card games. Many traditional GameFi projects claim to be “play to earn” games, when in fact they offer very little content in terms of “play”. Users might be able to earn, but there’s no so-called gaming experience at all. Dracoo Master, however, is different. With its magnificent world setting, enthralling storyline, intense battle scenes, exquisite cards and fascinating skill effects, it had already captivated the gaming world even before it was released to the public. 

The increasingly improved blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is a major factor that contributes to Dracoo Master’s success. Through decentralization and NFTs, all the data and in-game items are owned by the players of Dracoo Master. What’s more, the introduction of Dracoo token has resolved the conflict of interest between players and developers, and allow developers, communities and players to share the interest.

Dracoo Master Opportunities

With the cryptocurrency market getting more publicity, more people are starting to see the opportunities brought by play-to-earn games. The skyrocketing popularity of Dracoo Master is no accident; it is bound to happen as Dracoo Master seized the opportunity at the cusp of the cryptocurrency wave and developed a user-oriented GameFi project.

Prestigious Universities Around the World Already Signed Up for Tournament

Shortly after Dracoo Master made the announcement on Twitter, e-sports organizations from prestigious universities around the world started to organize sign-up for the tournament, and dozens of e-sports KOLs started retweeting and commenting on the original tweet. A wave of “e-sports graffiti” swept many cities. In countries like the UK, Austria, Vietnam and Indonesia, warm-up contests were organized as a way to show support, especially the one held in the campus of Imperial College London by the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London—that one turned out to be an eye-catching event. 

Dracoo Master Champion Series Tournament Format Explained

According to the information released by Dracoo Master, the tournament adopts a professional and mature format in which a contestant needs to go through 4 successive rounds and win the final to be the champion. The most tempting part is probably the prize that the tournament has prepared for the contestants. Those who make it into the top 64 will be able to split the prize pool – more than 500,000 US dollars of cash, as well as tons of rare designer commodities from Dracoo Master. No wonder someone commented on the tweet, “This is definitely gonna be the most exciting e-sports competition in 2022”. Being the first e-sports tournament centering on a metaverse game and offering such abundant rewards, how is it not worth all the attention?

The Dracoo Master Mascot

Another thing about the tournament worth mentioning is the mascot. It is designed by Ryo Taniguchi, the famous Japanese designer and creator of the mascots of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This dreamlike collaboration certainly serves as an indication of how much Dracoo Master values this tournament. “Working with Mr. Taniguchi has been a phenomenal experience. He is undoubtedly among the best designers in the world.” said Zach Loy, BD director of Dracoo Master. “This tournament could be the start of a new age for us, and for the metaverse industry as well, so we make sure that our players see the best of it.” This tournament might be able to provide some perspectives for insiders on the new direction in which the e-sports industry develops in the long run. 

Dracoo Champion Series 2022 Now Open for Sign-Ups!

The Dracoo Champion Series 2022 is now open for sign-ups. Those who are interested can check out Dracoo Master’s official website click on the “Champion Series” tab and submit sign-up applications. Invitation letters will be sent out to applicants once the event goes public.

The fanfares of Dracoo Master’s “Fight till the End” have been blared. The combination of e-sports and metaverse will sure bring a new age to the gaming world. 

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