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MosaicFantasy Defi 3A Level Strategy Game 2022
MosaicFantasy is a P2E card game that was designed to cross its rich playability to attract Web2 users at a low cost with the P2E model of the Web3 world. MosaicFantasy is a decentralized 3A level strategy game with the technical capabilities of supporting cross-chain while being compatible with zk-snarks. It’s also embedded with a wallet interface that gives you access to Google Play and the App Store. So you get the playability of traditional games and the economic model of P2E that gives you the ability to play and earn. It’s a win-win!Want to learn more?

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The concept of “PlaytoEarn” in 2021 has opened a new situation of decentralization and incentive upgrade of gamefi. Along with the advent of a crypto bear market, the daily activities of many chain games start to decline, the short-cycle gamefi is retreating rapidly. Restructuring of top Web3 game projects is around the corner.

As is the time to dive into building, MosaicFantasy is an APP game that strives to cross the cycle with efforts to attract Web2 users at a low cost. It combines rich playability with the P2E model to draw more users to the Web3 world.

Introduction to the MosaicFantasy P2E Crypto Game

MosaicFantasy is a decentralized 3A level strategy light card APP game, the technical underlay supports cross-chain and is compatible with zk-snarks.

APP is embedded with a wallet interface with access to Google Play and App store to achieve the diversion of players from Web2 to Web3. It combines the rich playability of traditional games with the economic model of P2E. Players can play PVEPVP in the first phase of the game, and a melee battlefield, sprite system, and a strong social and home system will also be available in the second phase.

Rich Cross Web2 and Web3 Gameplay, MosaicFantasy Offers New a New Low-Cost Experience

The mosaic in the game has 5 major attributes, namely Ocean, Flame, Hurricane, Dawn, and Dark. 5 different attributes will restrain each other. The combination of different attributes and hero form increases the fun of the game and test the player’s strategic use.

MosaicFantasy PVP Competition Mode

The arena will match two players with similar strengths, and other players can guess the winners. Players match their lineups through character attribute restraint to maximize damage. Players earn points by winning challenges and guessing.

MosaicFantasy PVE Challenge Mode

Challenge the BOSS to get the reward. The higher the level of the character, the more monsters one can challenge. At present we have PVE scenes such as secret realm and guild zones.

MosaicFantasy Card Synthesis

Starring heroes is one of the main ways to play the game. Not only can you increase your strength by synthesizing cards, but you can also gain higher income by pledging higher-level cards.

MosaicFantasy Guild System

Any player can use a prop to create a guild. Guild master will also get additional rewards on the output of guild members’ stake. The higher the guild level, the higher the rewards.

MosaicFantasy Homeland System

Home system will be online in the second phase of the game. Hero NFT invisible combat power can be improved by arranging furniture at home. Furniture can be obtained by pets by wandering out.

MosaicFantasy Economic model

MosaicFantasy uses a dual token system, the governance token is LKK (Little king kong), which can be used for governance, voting, collateral, and in-game payment. LKK is consumed through purchasing mystery boxes and upgrading NFT stars within the game, and part of the consumed LKK is directly destroyed and others go into the arena pool every day.

BLP (Blue Lucky Potion) is the reward token in the game, players can get BLP through the game zones.

$LKK allocation:

Several ways to get LKK earnings in the game

  1. stake mining

24% of the LKK tokens will be used as stake rewards, players can get rewards by NFT staking. The staked revenue will be reduced by 20% for the first time in 3 months, and then reduced by 20% every half year. This is an official way to motivate early participants, the earlier they participate in mining the richer the reward.

2. Arena ranking rewards

Players who participate in the arena ranking can get generous rewards, daily competition settles results every 48h, and the top 500 users share 10% of the arena prize pool. Weekly competition settles results every 7 days, the top 500 users share 50% of the prize pool. The prize pool comes from 50% of the LKK consumed by purchasing mystery boxes in the game, 50% of the NFT trading market fee on the game platform, and the official PVP output.

Monthly tournaments will be held after the game launch.

Join and Build a MosaicFantasy Game Ecosystem Together

MosaicFantasy has beautiful graphics and iterative game mechanics, and the strong development team is also a big guarantee of the game’s success. Through the APP advertising in Facebook/google/youtube advertising alliance, we get a large number of Web2 game users and keep revitalizing users by iterating the game functions and opening instant zones from time to time.

At present the recruitment of the guild master is in full swing, the first batch of places is only 50. INO will also be launched soon, interested partners can stay tuned and sign up through the official tunnels.

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