Announces New Cryptoguards CryptoCity Metaverse | Role-Playing Strategy NFT Play-to-Earn Game on Blockchain Platform 2022

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alien spaceship Cryptoguards

Cryptoguards is the third installment after CryptoCars and Cryptoplanes. This game is based in the CryptoCity Metaverse Ecosystem.

Cryptoguards is great because it offers a play-to-earn model and more. It promises to be just as big of a hit as the previous two games launched.

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Cryptoguards Picture of Moon in Space

Cryptoguards (CGAR) is the 3rd project after CryptoCars ($CCAR) and Cryptoplanes ($CPAN) in the CryptoCity Metaverse Ecosystem. With the success of CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes, VNSmartChain Team continues to work together to release a new project to continue the CryptoCity Metaverse story under the name CryptoGuards.

CryptoGuards is a one-of-a-kind action and role-playing strategy NFT Game which brings you not only a “Play-To-Earn” Game with real profit but also joyfulness and excitement in gaming provided through the blockchain platform.

When the entire CryptoCity Metaverse city was attacked by aliens, Mau was kidnapped by them and locked up on the moon. This is the time for Neik to step in, build super robots to fight the invasion, protect the green energy and rescue Dr. Devais and Mau. This is the time when Guardians gather, practice, and prepare for battle with this mysterious force!

Play to Earn Model

When starting the real war, players need to equip themselves with really good and powerful guns. To get these powerful weapons, guardians can open boxes or buy them on the marketplace between players.


  • Taking Part in Training Mode, PVC, PVP, and Earn valuable tokens + Experience
  • Sell Armor Equipment
  • Sell Guns


  • Buy Box to open Guns
  • Buy Armor Equipment to upgrade the current Guns.
  • Buy Guns on Marketplace

Highlight Features

Highlighted Features

Fight against the forces of outer space and protect the CryptoCity Metaverse. They are stalking that green energy and we have to be ready to do anything to fight it. each of the players must be armored with a gun. Depending on your gun’s level, the firepower will differ among them, which are:

  • Fire Rate
  • Range
  • Damage
  • Bullet

The mission of guardians is to take part in The Immersive Training to improve their skills, equip Strong and Unique guns with a variety of types from Bullet, Laser, Plasma and Special

Every guardian before being ready to step out to fight against the forces of the universe needs to undergo rigorous training. Through Training Mode, the player’s skills and gun usage will be enhanced day by day, ready for battle in PVC and PVP. 


Our Guardians will own powerful guns which are represented by a non-fungible token (NFT). Owning this token means you are the sole owner of these superweapons to fight again the aliens and protect the CryptoCity Metaverse. There are a total of 19 Cute and High-Powered Guns for Guardians to choose

CryptoGuards (CGAR) Ticker:CGARBlockchain Network:BSCToken Supply:100,000,000Initial Project Valuation:Initial Token Circulation:14,000,000Initial Market Cap:$33,600,000 How tokens are used in-game

Token Economy

Token Release Schedule


The same with all the projects coming from CryptoCity Metaverse, CryptoGuards has been founded by the same team with CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes.

Ly Tran – CEO & Founder

With many years of experience in creating IT products and the success of CryptoCars with CryptoPlanes, Ly Tran was known as the one who created the strong foundation for CryptoCity Metaverse Vision. Having a strategic mind and long-term development, he hopes to give supporters the best results and investment opportunities.

An Nguyen – CTO

An has successfully completed the duties of a CTO by keeping the CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes system running smoothly.

The BigchainDB and Token Bridge architecture are combined beautifully by An, saving several million USD in gas fees for users.

From these experiences, he continues to improve them to the next level in CryptoPlanes.

Mai Dang – Generalist

More than just a designer, she’s a great human resource manager. The beautiful graphics of CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes are guaranteed by the staff of the 2D, 3D design team.

With many years of experience working in international companies and the smooth management with CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes – the two projects within CryptoCity Metaverse – which bring success to them. She will continue to contribute her talent and passion to the next step of our Metaverse to make it unstoppable.

Nhuan Huynh – CMO

5+ years experience in Digital Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in logistics, retail, and cryptocurrency industry. He has planned and run many viral campaigns for the previous games inside CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes, and now he is with our team to bring excellent marketing for this new project.

Bao Thai – CPO

He is a young talent who is passionate about the blockchain industry, especially in Game-Fi. With that love and interest in cryptocurrency, he brought a fresh appearance to the game. Bao Thai is also in charge of managing the community to connect every “guardian”.

Thang Nguyen – Developer

With many years of experience in building server systems under heavy load, Thang was in charge of helping CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes servers achieving absolute stability. He will continue to take part in CryptoGuards – The third project of CryptoCity Metaverse – to bring the success of these two projects to CryptoGuards.

Hien Nguyen – Art Leader

With 3+ years of experience working as a Game Artist, he has a strong passion for NFT Gaming industry since the year 2017. He has achieved many milestones: Art Exhibition for his products, many years in teaching Art Drawing, he has joined this CryptoGuards project to bring excellent characters to the game.

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