IQ Protocol Gaming Platform Adds In-Game Asset Rental Markets | Opportunity for Passive NFT Incomes in 2022

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IQ Protocol Gaming Platform NFTs

IQ Protocol token raised $12 million then announced five huge partnerships increasing the potential of in-game asset rental market NFTs. This gives players the opportunity to make passive incomes with their NFTs.

If you want the ability to create wrapped, expirable versions of your digital assets, you are going to love this platform. Using this infrastructure players can rent out their NFTs to other players for a set amount of time and a pre-agreed upon price. This option benefits all involved.

IQ Protocol has already announced 13 games that add up to a rental market that’s worth multi-millions of dollars. These games join a fast-growing network of fungible token and non-fungible token solutions making a great decentralized money market for digital assets. A place where you can move forward with digital asset renting and on-chain subscriptions without the need for collateral for their utility.

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IQ Protocol has announced partnerships with Tiny Colony, Gunzilla, Solido Games, Zone of Avoidance, and Solido Games, to support in-game asset rental markets across Polygon, BNB, Solana, and Avalanche.

Following the announcement of their successful $12M raise, IQ Protocol has announced a busy pipeline of GameFi integrations which will allow a peer-to-peer rental market for in-game assets.

These projects join a group of established titles already integrating IQ Protocol’s wrapped NFT rental solution which supports Polygon and BNB with Solana, and Avalanche already in development.

The flurry of announcements indicates the huge potential for the in-game asset rental market with players standing to make passive incomes from their NFTs and enhancing user experience.

IQ Protocol’s platform gives the ability to create wrapped, expirable versions of digital assets, which creates a rental solution that negates risk to the asset owner and requires no collateral from the borrower. Using this infrastructure a player to rent out their NFTs to other players for a pre-arranged amount of time and for an agreed-upon price, thus benefiting both parties involved.

IQ Protocol Gaming Ecosystem

Gaming projects already announced include Chainmyth, Nyan Heroes, Space SIP, Spark Era, Battle Saga, Bitspawn, Zone of Avoidance, BitSpawn, Solcery, Tiny Colony, Gunzilla, Solido Games, and Solido Games which represent a rental market worth $MMs.

These join a fast-growing ecosystem building upon both the IQ Protocol fungible token and non-fungible token solutions which include Esports platforms, SaaS providers, infrastructure solutions, and content platforms.

About IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol is a decentralized money market for digital asset renting and on-chain subscriptions. The next money lego that allows users to rent wrapped expirable versions of digital assets without collateral for their utility while allowing holders to earn by providing liquidity without risk.


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