Metagods 3D Virtual Reality PTE Action MMORPG Metaverse Platform | Launching March 2022

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Metagods metaverse game


Metagods 3D metaverse engine preview is closing on February 18, 2022, with the Metagods full launch happening in March 2022.

What Is the Metagods Game?

Metagods is on GameFi Aggregator. It’s a next generation 3D virtual reality PTE multi-player game is built on the blockchain. Player’s trade and play with generative NFTs to conquer dangerous monsters.

The Metagods metaverse allows its users to create, build, and control their own metaverse with the opportunity to earn in many ways. The play-to-earn model is in real time. Stake the MGOD token to earn the in-game token, RELIC. The you use RELIC in the game economy to earn more.

Metagods is also a social game because you can team up and play with your friends. That means the more people you play with, the higher the APY will be. There is a HUGE in-game economy. All the equipment such as the consumables, weapons, armor, and other items are all NFTs. So you can take those and trade them in the marketplace, with your friends, or with other gamers.

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Then keep reading to learn what is Metagods game and what the future might hold. 

Metagods metaverse game

MetaGods, the London-based start-up, has announced the launch of its Gamefi and metaverse platform whereby it develops a complete ecosystem with a digitally rendered 3D virtual reality-based metaverse. It offers users the sole authority to create, build, and control their own metaverse focused on gamification, social interaction, entertainment, and play-to-earn.

Since the last few years, the world has been witnessing an internet evolution greater than the innovations from the DotCom era or Social Media era, or perhaps even more significant than the internet itself. The internet is evolving to a stage that is more immersive, intuitive, and one-step closer to completely immersive virtual reality experiences. Online video games, console games, and mobile games have billions of downloads and continue to emerge as one of the most prevalent media forms in our society. This is leading towards a dedicated economy for play-to-earn blockchain games, which is growing at an exponential rate. In this new world of professional gaming and Esports, play-to-earn NFT games have been leading the charge in the fast-rising industry and new investments.

Metagods Metaverse PTE Social GameFiMetaGods is poised to tap on this opportunity by creating a complete ecosystem around Metaverse and Gamefi. Deployed on Binance Smart Chain Network, this ecosystem will have a metaverse, with its first game based on the card game Monopoly that promises unlimited hours of gameplay fun while subsequently allowing players to earn in many ways.

Emma Quinn, the CEO of MetaGods says, “MetaGods offers a metaverse and blockchain-based ecosystem, not just a single product or a game offering. The ecosystem consists of NFT based God Avatar Characters, Gamefi based play to earn offerings, a metaverse whereby users can play and immerse themselves like real world, game development and publication modules, Socializing Platform, Voting protocol for democratized governance and a dedicated marketplace for trading of NFT assets.”

“It is devised by multiple dimensional MAPs. For each MAP, ‘gamers’ can participate in different GAMES launched by different “publishers.” In contrast, gamers can play and socialize through various games and entertainment on MAP. The ecosystem is powered by a “triple” token principle, which further enhances the building of the whole game ecosystem and provides a better reward to the gamers.” Continued the CEO.


Like traditional maps or vicinities, the GOGOVERSE also functions as a virtual land place with multiple zones separated on the GOGOVERSE MAP. These zones include a Gaming Zone, Ads Zone, Lucky Reward Zone, Bad Luck Zone, etc. These zones run different events that players could play and earn, receive bonus/penalty, or be required to complete some missions.

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Metagods metaverse gameAs mentioned earlier, the MetaGods metaverse features a complete ecosystem, not just a game. In this regard, the ecosystem will feature an SDK whereby publishers can deploy all sorts of games whereby a player can participate, play and create lucrative income while enjoying the fun play.

The ecosystem will feature games such as:

– Multiplayer Online Games

– PvP Games

– Strategy Games

– Others

Arthur Andersen, the CFO of MetaGods says, “Research suggests metaverse could approach $800 billion tackling live events and ads, with its global revenue opportunity approaching $800 billion in 2024 vs. about $500 billion in 2020. The MetaGods team believes that the with the Play-to-Earn, gamification and incentivization of gameplay, it has the capacity of opening a wide new door for users to immerse themselves in incentivized gameplay, and in turn create a sustainable business model while tapping on the $800 billion global metaverse market. “

Talking about Play to Earn, the CFO continues, “The MetaGods team believes that the Play-to-Earn model is opening a wide new door on solutions to ease the difficulties brought by the pandemic and equipping players with experience and the ability to manage their finances before the pandemic enters the Crypto Market.”

Through the rise of many NFT based games today, MetaGods offers a new yet familiar game, i.e., Monopoly on the blockchain, that will not only engage its users but allow them to incentivize their gameplay. It boasts of vibrant game graphics and farm play game scenarios that players love to play.

Seed Round Funding Secured

Metagods InvestorsFor a sustainable business model, availability of initial funds for the development phase is vital. In this regard, MetaGods team has already secured initial funding of USD 900,000 from two famous venture capital firms.

Offering Early Access to Adopters

For people who want to participate in the early phase of the MetaGods project, it offers dedicated pre-sale rounds whereby a user can purchase a minimum of 25,000 $MTG token during first phase and a minimum 20,000 $MTG token during second round. It is important that the users of first phase will enjoy a bigger discount compared to the second round.

The GameFi Revolution Is Under Way

Metagods on GameFi PlatformIn a world where gaming profits are concentrated within a small number of centralized companies, MetaGods strives to standout through its decentralized ecosystem. It will offer its infrastructure for all, ensuring that small-scale startups or SMEs can develop games and deliver their users finished products while creating for themselves recurring revenues. 

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