Reach Global to Build Metaverse Headquarters in Everdome’s Future of Finance District | Everdome News 2022

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Everdome and GLOBAL REACH

EVERDOME NEWS! Reach Global Acquired Land in Everdome!

Everdome and Reach Global Announce Influencer Partnership and Land Acquisition

Everdome and REACH GLOBAL announce their partnership, where REACH GLOBAL has acquired partner land in the Everdome metaverse, to help bridge and grow Everdome’s network, providing an avenue for content creators to expand and create within Everdome, across sports, finance, real estate, and entertainment sectors.

With plans to develop and build their metaverse headquarters in Everdome, REACH GLOBAL Director of Client Services, Heather K, says this about the partnership, “as veterans in the industry we have seen and researched many projects, especially related to the metaverse—what we see in Everdome doesn’t exist anywhere else, and matches the look and feel of what our brand is about when it comes to quality. If we expect mass adoption, hyper-realism is the only way forward for the metaverse, and Everdome is the leader in this space.

REACH GLOBAL is the first Bitcoin funded Digital Media Company with a network of exclusive creators that connects a global audience via entertainment and education within entrepreneurship, real estate, crypto, gaming, music, and sports sharing messages and vision through film photography, audio, and social media platforms, plus more via emerging tech. The entrepreneurial-minded team produces and provides massive reach for creators and clients alike with over 100 million monthly impressions and a growing ad network.

We are very excited to have REACH GLOBAL join Everdome in the “Future of Finance” district, bringing with them their audience and network of industry influencers.

Welcome to Everdome REACH GLOBAL!

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