What Is the Metarollers Crypto Game?

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Metarollers Web 3 GameFi Platform

Metarollers is a Web 3 multifunctional platform that specializes in socializing and performing digital sports in a virtual reality environment. This new crypto platform is meant for its services to be used to benefit the GameFi environment.

Metarollers is growing into a whole new world and was developed with play-to-earn and 2D game features and capabilities. It is the first ever tribute to the global roller-skating community.

The goal of Metarollers is to be the P2E 2D game that connects gamers all over the world to a single ecosystem so they can use the platform to earn a living while socializing and playing the game.

The Web 3 multifunctional platform Metarollers is specialized in socializing and performing digital sports in an open, engaging virtual environment. Recently, Metarollers launched new services to benefit the GameFi Environment.

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Metarollers is a newly established crypto platform that focuses on the importance of the GameFi Environment. It is developed by its parental company known as IamFuture. The Web 3 multifunctional platform Metarollers is specialized in socializing and performing digital sports in an open, engaging virtual environment. It contains social and commercial elements and now is growing and progressing into a whole new world. 

IamFuture Global Team has developed the Metarollers with play2earn and 2D game features. It is the first-ever tribute to the global roller skating community and artistic roller skating as a culture and hobby, way of life, and world perception. Metarollers aims to be the play-to-earn 2D game connecting gamers worldwide to a single ecosystem, where they can utilize our platform to earn a living and socialize while enjoying the game.

The recent merge of gaming, primarily perform to earn concept, is actively developed by the IamFuture global digital team. It is decentralized finance that has created the new environment for the financial services offering and now is actively implemented by the IamFuture in their game environment idea Metarollers. 

There are five global cities where players meet, connect, experience adventures, perform tricks and find various valuable rewards: NYC, Rome, Singapore, Dubai, and Monaco. Each city is presented by the top famous landmarks, characteristic views, local environment, and unique sound set as if de facto you suddenly find yourself there and enjoy the city tour on the skates.  Another unique futuristic environment is planned to launch before the end of 2022. The environment is joyful and full of unexpected fun and, of course, rewards. In the Metarollers environment, tournaments and contests with real prizes are organized daily.

One of the first initiatives started during the LGBTG homage month celebration is the ongoing Discord contest to create names and stories for the Metarollers brand ambassadors. These initiatives launched by IamFuture represent the global diversity, freedom, and message of happiness for all, but today is the right moment to imagine their names and life stories. The best guess initiatives will be rewarded and whitelisted by the Metarollers merchandise. 

The project looks extensive and engaging. The founder, Maya Bernaia, who is behind the ecosystem, does not tend to narrow the project’s future just by the game. Exploring the game can be fun, interacting with and meeting new friends, even celebrities. “We even created a little elevator which takes you to the selfie location with the breathtaking view,” says the founder. 

However, “Metarollers is significantly bigger than just another little game on the phone. The founders generate a great platform for fun and entertainment, commerce, and creativity, but Metarollers also represents the invitation to join the intense and multipurpose IamFuture financial infrastructure. It is a proposal to evolve and become part of the beneficial and smart ecosystem, where there is a place for multiple continuous smart initiatives. The domestically issued Ethereum blockchain token “Future” ensures compatibility with the wide specter of Ethereum-based products and provides:

– Online transaction and bridging to crypto and fiat facility,

– Local market currency futures,

– Staking opportunity,

– Voting campaigns and group investment options through the self-government unit,

– Treasury function of security verification ap,

– Transaction validation function inside the ecosystem.

Metarollers by IamFuture is building the direct bridge to the Internet of Things universe and providing the vehicle to skate around and commercialize and place products for both businesses and individuals. The project highly encourages the commercial flow for creators, so all kinds of creative digital assets can be parked and exhibited on Metarollers platforms and offered for sale.

Determined crypto enthusiasts can visit the website for further updates and information. Join Telegram or Twitter to connect with the community. 

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