The world’s first marble combat Gamefi is coming. Beast Legends uses the Binance Smart Chain to ensure its open and transparent ownership and liquidity, as well as a safe market. With ownership of beasts, the player can trade and sell them safely.
Veteran gamers will be familiar with the game Monster Pinball, which requires players to use sharp thinking and team tactics to pass the various levels. Monster Pinball laid the foundation for pinball games and became one of the most profitable mobile games in the world. Can Beast Legends, Gamefi’s first marble game, achieve the same success as its predecessors?
What is GameFi and how will it affect gamers?

GameFi is designed to enable the realization of in-game cash, which is part of the concept of “gamification finance” as part of the integration of DeFi and NFT. Thanks to the success of the P2E (play-to-earn) model, GameFi has become one of the hottest titles right now. One of the most notable features of GameFi is that users’ assets become equipment or tools in DeFi games, and users can receive corresponding benefits or rewards while playing. Powered by Axie Infinity, more and more GameFi games have appeared, relying on the play-to-earn model to continuously attract players from all over the world.

There are billions of gamers in the world, but the time they spend in these digital worlds is tantamount to “wasted time,” at least in a direct monetary sense. Everything it takes to build the strongest army, collect the best items, or complete the most difficult tasks over and over again completely disappears as soon as the player leaves the game.

Imagine what if you could keep what you built? What if you could not only keep what you earn, but also sell it to others, lend it out, or display it? While this may sound like a dream, it is the promise of GameFi.

Economic model is the core of GameFi

The reason why it is regarded as a very promising GameFi project, Beast Legends will issue a native functional token ARTS based on the BSC chain. The game assets, game incentives and liquidity mining in the game are all obtained and reflected through ARTS, so that the game token is tightly integrated with the players, and the economic model is truly penetrated into all aspects of the game.

High-stakes earning rewards are very good for players, but a mature and complete GameFi game system requires the cooperation of all sectors. Beast Legends has done a good job in this regard. In addition to earning money, it has allocated reasonable tokens to the initial core players, guilds, ordinary players, core teams, and liquidity mining.

According to Beast Legends official news, Beast Legends will rush to identify a batch of initial core players through NFT, and the Beast Legends universe will determine their rights through NFT and grant ARTS token rewards at the same time. Due to the uniqueness and indivisibility of NFT, the NFTization of game assets allows players to firmly control their assets. It is worth mentioning that the initial core players can also get additional game income distribution every month. In terms of long-term investment, it can be said to be a very cost-effective investment.

Sufficient follow-up game development support

According to ARTS token economic model from the white paper of Beast Legends. When the community governance function will go live, it will enable users to determine community rules with a voting power that is in proportion to the number of ARTS they hold. To help users better understand the total amount of dividend available and their share of it, key data will be displayed on the DAO community governance page.

About Beast Legends

Beast Legends is a community-driven, defined and shared with a sustainable economic platform that empowers users by rewarding their participation and enjoyment. By using the distribution of governance tokens ARTS, combined with Defi and NFT, to create a truly unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM.

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