Light Year Play-to-Earn Strategy DeFi Space Game 2022

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Light Year is the newest play-to-earn space game for 2022. Light Year is a play-to-earn DeFi farming protocol that helps players make the highest return from staking their assets. It will launch on BSC then will be rolled out on other blockchain platforms. Additionally, it will work with 3rd party cross-chain token bridges so users can connect token values. Going forward, the developers are planning on creating more games so they can turn Light Year into a multiple game Metaverse. So watch for upcoming news about this exciting new Metaverse gaming experience.


The team behind BSC-based GameFi project Light Year announced that they will work with multiple launchpads for the project’s incoming IDO on December 28 and December 29. And the list of partnered launchpads includes


About Light Year:

Light Year is a blockchain based space strategy game. Mining natural resources, crafting space ships, battling and trading with other players, joining alliances or nations, the game aims to bring players the wildest experience of space exploration. Moreover, under the hood, it’s a play-to-earn DeFi farming protocol that maximizes users’ return from staking their crypto assets.

The game will debut in BSC, and later in other EVM-compatible blockchains, such as Polygon and Avalanche separately, and work with 3rd party cross-chain token bridges to connect the token values. In the long term, the team plans to create more games, and evolve Light Year from one single game to a multi-game Metaverse.

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