WAGMI Defense P2E Crypto Intergalactic Battle Game | MVP Release Early April 2022

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WAGMI is an intergalactic human versus alien battle game set in the year 3022 when the human race has advanced into human cyborgs. WAGMI has partnered with Cubix to launch the PvP Tower Defence Game which is scheduled to be released at the beginning of April 2022.

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WAGMI Crypto

What Is WAGMI Token?

WAGMI is a crypto game set in the year 3022 where human cyborgs battle aliens in an intergalactic setting. WAGMI is the battle cry to save the earth. The official WAGMI website says “What started as a crypto internet meme, is now the official battle cry to save all mankind: “We’re All Going to Make It.”

What Does WAGMI Stand for in Crypto?

WAGMI is a common term frequently used in the crypto world and it stands for “We’re All Going to Make It.” This term is sometimes shorted and referred to as GMI.

Is WAGMI on Coinmarketcap?

Yes, WAGMI is on Coinmarketcap

Where Can I find the WAGMI Token on Social Media?

WAGMI Official Website

WAGMI Twitter

WAGMI Reddit

How to Buy WAGMI?

Here’s how to buy WAGMI.

  • Download Coinbase Wallet. A self-custody wallet such as Coinbase Wallet is required if you want to purchase WAGI.
  • Select a Coinbase Wallet Name.
  • Store your recovery phrase somewhere safe.
  • Be prepared for Ethereum network fees.
  • You can now buy and transfer ETH to your Coinbase Wallet
  • You can now use your ETH to buy WAGMI in the trade tab.

You can buy WAGMI on ViperSwap on Harmony.

WAGMI game tokens are listed on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

How to Stake WAGMI

Go to the stake page of Euphoria

  • Visit the Euphoria stake page.
  • Enter how much WAGMI you want to stake.
  • Click the Approve button and sign the transaction.
  • Click Stake and sign the transaction. After this, you should have sWAGMI in your wallet and can start earning rebase rewards.

The Approve transaction step is only required the first time you stake. After that, you can stake immediately.

What is the WAGMI Address on Harmony?

The WAGMI address on Harmony is 0x0dc78c79b4eb080ead5c1d16559225a46b580694.

The sWAGMI address on Harmony is 0xf38593388079f7f5130d605e38abf6090d981ec2.

How to Mint WAGMI

Here’s how to mint WAGMI using WAGMI-DAI LP.

  • Get WAGMI-UST Venom-LP tokens.
  • Go to the WAGMI-SUT LP mint page of Euphoria
  • Enter the amount of LP tokens you want to buy a bond.
  • If it’s your first WAGMI-UST LP bond purchase, you will have to approve the Euphoria contract to spend your LP tokens.
  • Click Approve to sign the transaction.
  • After approval, click Mint to sign the transaction.

That’s it. You’ve now purchased a bond. WAGMI is vested over five days and unlocked linearly, at which time you can begin to claim immediately.

WAGMI Roadmap 2022

Here is the WAGMI Roadmap for 2022 taken from the official WAGMI website.

WAGMI Roadmap

WAGMI Tokenomics Taken from the Official WAGMI Website

WAGMI Tokenomics


3% Marketing
2% Product Development
1.5% Auto Liquidity PoolP
1% Re-distribution (Reflections)
2.5% Team




Market Cap Rank#

Market Cap$0.00

24H Volume$80,330

24H High/Low$0.00000622/$0.00000582

View WAGMI Game Price Chart

More Information about WAGMI…

Taken from the latest Cubix Press Release

WAGMI Games-Cubix Partnership – Mobile PVP Tower Defense Game to Launch in Q1 of 2022

Cubix will develop a new mobile PVP Tower Defense game under its partnership with WAGMI Games. When WAGMI Games set out to find a software development partner, they discovered that Cubix’s expertise was aligned with their endeavors to build a Play to Earn (P2E) game.

After reviewing dozens of game development companies, WAGMI Games were keen to partner with Cubix because of the software development company’s expertise and game development track record. Cubix’s expertise with blockchain development solutions and NFT game development make it stand out.

Cubix has 200+ global team members, and the company has worked with brands like Sapient, Nintendo, Walmart, and more. The company is also the software development partner for MicroPets. With these associations, the extent of Cubix’s technical expertise and experience was easily discerned, making them a top choice for WAGMI Games.

The PVP Tower Defense game will be called WAGMI DEFENSE, which will be built for android and iOS, and for desktops.

WAGMI’s Game Concept and Roll-Out

WAGMI Defense is set in the year 3022, where Aliens (the Greys) discover ‘NiFe,” an element critical to their survival, lying at planet Earth’s core. With the invaders’ sights on this target, humans from all over must unite to engage in a saga for humankind’s survival.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, earthlings form their WAGMI Defense to battle with the invaders. Game participants will wager the WAGMI token where a winner emerges supreme.

Unique Asset Ownership Driven by NFT and Blockchain Technology

You can expect multiple opportunities for NFT collections from WAGMI Games. It’s pertinent to mention that the WAGMI native token is available on both, the BSC (Binance) and the ERC (Ethereum) blockchains. This widens the scope for user adoption at phase one, the Tower Defense mobile game.

WAGMI Game Roll-Out Plan

The PVP Tower Defense game is the first phase of a wider roll-out plan. The plan comprises an immersive 3D MMORPG desktop game with a tentative release date in Q4 2022. Part of the plan comprises a series of comics and stories associated with the gameplay.

WAGMI Defense Release Date

The PVP Tower Defense Game is scheduled for release during Q1 2022.

About Cubix

With its headquarters in Florida, USA, Cubix serves clients worldwide with innovative digital products that help them reach their goals. Since 2008, Cubix has built tons of mobile games, enterprise-level software, mobile apps, NFT games, web apps, and websites for businesses in diverse industries.

About WAGMI Games

WAGMI Games demonstrates a vast plan for its brand, which essentially hinges on the blockchain and its currency. Apart from its digital presence through its games, other forms will take shape as comics and novels that shape and build its presence.

For more information, visit www.WAGMIgame.io