Galaxy Blitz Crypto Game Mystery Box of Rarities Just Released

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Galaxy Blitz Mystery Box Released

Galaxy Blitz is an action NFT based sci-fi combat strategy game set in the future where highly evolved descendants of humanity fight for galactic dominance. Galaxy Blitz is building an immersive gaming experience that offers unique entertainment for players. The NFT Mystery Box which was just released promises to be full of rare heroes, battleships, weapons, and other in-game gear of different rarities is full of potential.

Additionally, Galaxy Blitz features a unique and sophisticated financial system and it leverages the power of blockchain for all of its five resources which are all ERC 20 compliant tokens.

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This week, the most anticipated GameFi project, Galaxy Blitz, released their NFT mystery box offering. Galaxy Blitz NFT mystery boxes of different rarities will be on sale across a number of internationally renowned exchanges and launchpads, including Binance NFT, OKX, 1BOX (Huobi NFT),, LBank, NFTb, Synapse Network, Babylons and the Galaxy Blitz website. Galaxy Blitz NFTs possess an abundance of utility and can be used to progress within the game. Many prospective players are expected to line up to be first in line to unbox their NFTs and get involved in the ecosystem.

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Galaxy Blitz NFT Sale

Galaxy Blitz Visual Sneak Preview

The star-studded Galaxy Blitz development team has committed large amounts of time and energy into making the game visually outstanding. Intending to break away from traditional concepts of starship impressions, the team stretched their collective imagination to integrate ideas of Dyson spheres and other hi-tech futuristic objects into the designs.

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Galaxy Blitz Hi-tech Powered Spaceships Designs

Even when designing other in-game objects, whilst most games might use a real-world radar as a reference, Galaxy Blitz uses the Mauna Kea telescope in Hawaii – one of the largest and most visually stunning telescopes in the world.

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Galaxy Blitz in-game Interstellar Telescope & Radar

For players eager to get involved and play around with the AAA quality visuals, the official beta test is currently online for NFT holders with plans to extend for the incoming V1 and V2 PC demos. Aside from looking great, Galaxy Blitz prioritizes building an immersive gaming experience, offering unique entertainment for players.

Galaxy Blitz NFT Mystery Box Sale & Financial System

Participation in Galaxy Blitz is underpinned by NFTs, which each feature amazing AR designs and possess a unique set of characteristics that grant certain in-game buffs and can be staked to earn up to 600% APY $MIT tokens and a share of the seasonal rewards pool. Each mystery box will contain heroes, battleships, weapons, and other in-game gear of different rarities and can be directly traded on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea, Element and Rarible. Alternatively, players can choose to combine NFTs of the same rarity ranking to upgrade into stronger and more powerful items.

Galaxy Blitz features a unique and sophisticated financial system based on the native $MIT token and five main resources: Star Coins, Ice Ore, Titanium Ore, Gas, and Hydroxyl. Star Coins are used to recruit and train combat units, heroes, and new weapons. Hydroxyl is an advanced DNA material used to upgrade the skills of heroes, spaceships, and NFTs. And finally, Ice Ore, Titanium Ore, and Gas are building materials used to craft and upgrade buildings.

Leveraging the power of blockchain, all five resources are ERC 20 compliant tokens and divided in-game into locked and unlocked. Resources generated through production facilities in a player’s base are locked and can only be consumed in-game, but all others obtained as loot plundered from rivals or resources harvested from planets are on-chain assets and able to be traded freely amongst players.

Galaxy Blitz Is Revolutionizing GameFi

Galaxy Blitz is an action-packed NFT-based sci-fi combat strategy game that re-masters the hugely-popular 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) SLG genre for Web 3.0. In the first quarter of 2022, similar Web 2.0 titles, which comprise half of the top 10 rankings for mobile games, earned $4.3 billion globally.

Due to their complexity and ability to stimulate people in a multitude of different ways, games are increasingly being considered creative art forms. Galaxy Blitz seeks to further this distinction by creating a mature Web 2.0-like high-quality game for the incoming Web 3.0 era through impressive visual arts, engaging and immersive gameplay, and a genuinely rewarding tokenomics structure. Moving forward, games like Galaxy Blitz will encompass more than just good visual design but also satisfy a large number of different parameters, making players feel truly involved in the experience as a whole.

In Galaxy Blitz, the best way to earn resources is to utilize the ecosystem’s unique range of ERC 721 compliant NFTs, and there are a number of play styles to suit any type of player. For warriors looking to carve out their empire, Heroes are a better choice as they can account for between 20-50% of the combat strength of a fighting force. For more casual and passive players, Turrets are the most suitable choice as they can be deployed near planets to continuously harvest resources without engaging in combat. Regardless of play style, Galaxy Blitz offers a unique immersive experience for any player.

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About Galaxy Blitz NFTs

NFTs in Galaxy Blitz are a fundamental part of the gameplay and can be traded amongst users or staked to earn token rewards of up to 600% APY and a share in the seasonal rewards pool. Each NFT is represented by a unique AR rendering, and lower-level Heroes, Battleships, and other in-game items can be combined together to create legendary versions. NFT holders will be first in line to try out the Galaxy Blitz beta.


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Galaxy Blitz Play2Earn INO on Blind Boxes, May 10

Today we are pumped to announce the Galaxy Blitz initial NFT offering (INO) on Blind Boxes. A total of 100 Mystery boxes from this mobile-first, play-to-earn (P2E) game will drop on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 21:00 UTC.

This year has been an eventful year for this project. After closing a $10M funding round in February, Galaxy Blitz launched their first sale on Binance NFT and sold out $500K worth of NFT mystery boxes in minutes. Galaxy Blitz’s ecosystem token, $MIT, is traded on, PancakeSwap, and Ascendex.

Always DYOR! Check out the roadmap here.

For those with FOMO after missing the Binance launch, this INO on Blind Boxes offers investors a fresh opportunity to unlock genesis NFTs and get higher value NFTs at discounted prices. – Anita Angelica Moore, CEO — Blind Boxes

Five reasons to be hyped for the Galaxy Blitz INO on Blind Boxes

  1. NFTs can be staked to earn up to 600% APY $MIT rewards
  2. The project is led by a team of gaming veterans looking to build a AAA P2E game with stunning immersive gameplay and well developed NFT utility
  3. Packs of all rarities have intrinsic value and utility since lower-ranking items can be merged to form new, higher-ranking items
  4. Blind Boxes mystery box mechanism means collectors can get higher value NFTs than they paid for
  5. NFTs will support AR (augmented reality) at launch allowing collectors to bring their Heroes, Spaceships, and Superweapons to life in real-world settings

Galaxy Blitz NFT utility

I. Staking: the highest level NFTs grant the holder rights to staking tools with up to 600% APY

II. Merges: NFTs of the same ranking can be merged to form new assets of higher rank

III. Rewards: Users can pledge NFTs to get a share of the $MIT seasonal rewards pool

IV. Access: NFT holders gain early access to the beta version of the game

V. Marketplace: NFTs can be traded for physical goods and in-game items

VI. Lottery: NFTs can be staked for a chance to win the prizes

Mystery Box Cover

Galaxy Blitz launch on Blind Boxes

  • Date: May 10, 2022
  • Time: 22:00 UTC
  • Quantity: 100 NFTs
  • Pack prices: 0.225 BNB (~$85) and 0.7 BNB (~$299)
  • INO location: Blind Boxes Dapp
  • Process: Boxes will be sold FCFS (first-come, first-serve) within multiple Blind Boxes collections in a randomized manner. The price per box will be the weighted average of all boxes included in a given collection.
  • Distribution: NFTs and bonuses will be airdropped by the Galaxy Blitz team to user wallets shortly after the sale ends.
  • Staking requirement: None

About Galaxy Blitz

Galaxy Blitz is a P2E combat strategy NFT game set in a future where highly evolved descendants of humanity fight for galactic dominance on battlefields in epic settings. Players earn a variety of tokens via battles and resource farming. In Galaxy Blitz, players build production facilities, develop armies, and challenge foes in epic PVP space battles. The platform is supported by a rich economic system based on the native token ($MIT) and ecosystem NFTs.

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